John Schneider “appreciative” for contract extension with Seahawks

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Seahawks general manager John Schneider signed an extension with the team this offseason that will keep him under contract with the team through the 2027 NFL Draft.

Schneider was hired by Seattle in 2010 to serve alongside head coach Pete Carroll as they turned over the organization from Tim Ruskell at G.M. and a one-year experiment with Jim Mora as head coach after Mike Holmgren’s long run with the franchise.

Schneider said Wednesday that he is happy to remain with the team and continue in his role working with Carroll on the vision for the franchise.

“You know my wife, Tracy, and I love it here and I love working with Pete, (owner) Jody (Allen), (team president) Chuck Arnold, the whole organization,” Schneider said. “We’ve had a great run but we just keep talking about no finish line, right, and so the thing I try to convey to everybody all the time is like our team building does not stop. It really feels like it hasn’t stopped since the moment Pete and I got together, which is unbelievably 12 years ago already. So yeah, we’re very appreciative and looking forward to the future.”

The Detroit Lions were reportedly interested in luring Schneider away from Seattle this offseason as they looked for a replacement for Bob Quinn. That interest didn’t seemingly get away as Schneider signed a new deal with the team nine days after that possibility surfaced.

Carroll is also glad that Schneider is remaining in Seattle for the long-term as well.

“I think this is a great move by the organization really for John and I to continue to just try to bank on all of the stuff that we’ve done in the past and for John to be in the position he’s in with so much say so, so much input, so much vision,” Carroll said. “He continues to show it year in and year out how we continue to stay on top of this thing. We know how hard it is to get to win that last game and we’re battling every time out to put us back in that position again. But I know that working with John, it makes me better. He’s a great administrator, a great partner and we partner on everything down to every single detail and we’re very lucky to have John. Thrilled that he chose to stay with us.”

2 responses to “John Schneider “appreciative” for contract extension with Seahawks

  1. Solid GM. Guy gets no love outside the PNW. Should have been GM/Executive of the year at least once, if not more, by now.

  2. I don’t follow the Seahawks that closely, but I’m not sure why they extended Schneider. His drafts have been OK, but nothing special, especially recently. They are a consistent playoff contender, but is that more because of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll know how to carry an average roster? Come playoff time in the last few seasons, that roster hasn’t been able to hold up. Their offensive line has been below average for several seasons now. They’ve never rebuilt the D to being playoff caliber. When they wanted a RB, they passed on Nick Chubb and took Rashard Penny instead in 2018 and we see how that has turned out. It was well known that Schneider’s dream job was to be Packers GM since he grew up in the organization, but when Thompson was forced out, I’m sure he was interested, but they certainly weren’t. Hmm…

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