Kyle Shanahan: We weren’t going to work to correct false assumptions

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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When the 49ers traded up to the third pick in the draft, everyone knew they were picking a quarterback but there were three different names that came up as possibilities.

Trey Lance wound up being the choice, but there was plenty of speculation that the team was interested in Mac Jones and Justin Fields. The Jones speculation took particularly strong hold and 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan sounded pretty happy about that on Thursday night.

Shanahan said he and General Manager John Lynch “weren’t going to work to correct” any assumptions that Jones was the player they were targeting with their trade up from the No. 12 pick. Shanahan said there were five quarterbacks he liked in the draft earlier this and he said on Thursday that they wanted to consider all options, but things were more settled than they appeared.

“When we made the trade, we knew exactly what we were doing and where we were going,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan and the 49ers have their man. Now they have to get him ready to play.

8 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: We weren’t going to work to correct false assumptions

  1. I have a high opinion of Kyle Shanahan. If I magically was an owner he’d be at the top of my wish list for coach probably. But I’m sorry can claim this was acting sly to throw others off the scent but I don’t buy that. They traded a lot, weeks before the draft, and came out of it with neither of the two highest rated QBs, nor Aaron Rogers as that appeared to almost fall in their laps. If they still had all those picks. Instead they come out with an expensive bill for their prospect QB and what appears to be some egg on their face. I think they misplayed their hand multiple times.

  2. They had better hold on to Garoppolo. This kid might get good, but he ain’t ready.

  3. I agree with the above comment. They overplayed their hand. If they just stayed at 12 they get Mac Jones at a fair value and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he has a better career than Trey Lance, whose best attribute is running, not passing. Lance could stress a defense, which is the idea, but if he can’t accurately pass, teams will scheme to bottle up his running, so I see high boom/bust potential with is pick. Jones at 12, preserving future draft capital that was given to move to 3, would have been the better move by Lynch/Shanahan.

  4. Nice back pedal, Kyle. You spent all that draft capital to move up and take a raw, developmental qb? Wow, just wow. You messed up man and you know it.

  5. Shanny is so clever that’s he traded up to take a QB after he traded for JG and made him the highest paid QB in the league, relatively recently. Well, he is 29-35, so….

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