Mickey Loomis doesn’t see players opting out as “a significant variable” in draft

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NFL teams have expressed a range of opinions about evaluating the draft prospects of players who opted out of playing college football last season.

Rams head coach Sean McVay said “you don’t punish a guy” for opting out and just go back to earlier tape to see what kind of player he is while Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he thinks those players missed a chance to improve. Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert said that if two players are close, he’ll take the one who played in 2020.

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis had his chance to weigh in and said having more recent information on a player would be ideal. He also said that he thinks there are two many areas to evaluate players for a decision to opt out to wind up tipping the scales one way or another.

“Yeah, I don’t see that as being a significant variable,” Loomis said. “Obviously, it exists and the more current information that you have, obviously, the better it is. But, look I can’t think of too many circumstances where it’s going to negatively impact a player if he opted not to play last year. There’s too many other variables that exist and too many other decision points that, you know, I don’t think we’ll ever get to a situation where there’s two players completely equal. And that’s the final variable. I just, that’s hard for me to envision.”

Thursday night brings the first chance to see how significant a variable opting out really was for NFL teams as they put together this year’s draft boards.

3 responses to “Mickey Loomis doesn’t see players opting out as “a significant variable” in draft

  1. McVay used an old politician trick where you don’t answer the question that was asked and instead answer a different question. Nobody was talking about punishing players but with all things being equal GMs are going to feel more comfortable with players who they have more recent film.

    There are players who improved on the field from 2019 to 2020. Those players have improved their draft position. That has to come at the expense of someone.

  2. The old guys like Colbert and Jones are dinosaurs who still believe football players should be robots wired to believe football is the only thing that matters in their lives . Fortunately will the younger more reasonable GMs and coaches taking over their outdated thinking will become extinct , a fitting ending for dinosaurs like Colbert and Jones .

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