Mike McCarthy: We need more speed and energy

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Cowboys have the No. 10 pick in Thursday’s first round and head coach Mike McCarthy provided a hint about the type of player they’ll be looking to add when he spoke to the media at a press conference earlier this week.

McCarthy said the team would like to go with the best player available in reference to a question about what positions they’d look to fill. He also provided some insight into the traits that would make for the best Cowboys players in 2021.

“The speed and energy, we need to get more of it as a football team,” McCarthy said, via Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com. “We are a dome football team. We have excellent size and length. Speed is something that would definitely help us as we got through these draft prospects.”

McCarthy also noted that the Cowboys have a new defensive coordinator and the prevailing thought at this point is that Dan Quinn will get a piece to plug into his first Dallas defense. Based on McCarthy’s comments, it’s a good chance it will be a speedy one.

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  1. If your looking for more energy then the Cowboys should be looking for a coach that brings that energy. Not a guy who looks like he’s napping while standing

  2. And better players, too. And a new head coach. But other than that, they’re fine.

  3. Watching the pre-draft interviews of players on their blog was terrible. I love Jerry, regardless of his track record as GM over the past 2 and a half decades (wish he would hire a real GM though) but McCarthy is the most bland guy ever. If he was a coach like Bill Belichick, then cool, but he isn’t. Wish they hired Urban Meyer.

  4. Unless Dak can be like Aaron with his talent to make-up and ad-lib plays to win and cover for really bad coaching this team is going to struggle. Not to mention their QB and RB are eating up a lot of the cap so speed will need to be found in the rookie free agent group, which rarely adds talent to a team.

  5. As stated above, energy starts at the top. McCarthy is typical of Jones’ attraction to low-key yes men. Of course, winning trumps everything. But if the team doesn’t show a dominant side this season, I want McCarthy out, and I’d like to see Jerry get a real GM because this team has been moribund baloney for 25 years.

    I’m 59 years old: I’ve experienced Cowboy success. I’ve experienced 5 rings. I lived as a young football fan in Dallas when Roger Staubach won SuperBowl 6. But my son – who naturally loves our Cowboys – hasn’t experienced squat. It’s been forgettable stuff so distant from Jimmy Johnson’s reign that it’s glumly sits stinking in the big NFL toilet of years past.

  6. Interesting and potentially illuminating little battle in big D, here. Coaches have connections to Horn, but McClay and his group prefer Surtain II. Teams typically try to defer to new coaches… but I’m hearing Surtain. Would be a pretty short honeymoon.

  7. icouldcareless says:
    April 29, 2021 at 11:29 am
    If your looking for more energy then the Cowboys should be looking for a coach that brings that energy. Not a guy who looks like he’s napping while standing


    They should’ve kept The Clapper then.

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