Packers brass traveled to California to meet with Aaron Rodgers, say they’re committed to him

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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The Packers wasted no time in trying to put out any fires stemming from Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay.

The Packers have had team president Mark Murphy, General Manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur all fly out on separate trips to meet with Rodgers, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

“As we’ve stated since the season ended, we are committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond,” Gutekunst told Schefter. “Aaron has been a vital part of our success and we look forward to competing for another championship with him leading our team.”

The mere fact that the Packers feel the need to send all their top decision makers to California, and to put out a public statement about how committed they are to Rodgers, shows that they’re concerned that he’s not happy. Whether Rodgers is unhappy enough to refuse to report to Green Bay this season remains to be seen.

34 responses to “Packers brass traveled to California to meet with Aaron Rodgers, say they’re committed to him

  1. “Committed in 2021 and beyond.”

    I guess until Feb 2022 counts as “beyond”

  2. It’s never good to have your dad and mom talk to you to your girlfriend to convince her not to break up with you –lol – If Rogers wants out collect the kings ransom and start anew – he’s not that young by any means

  3. Maybe don’t draft a QB in round 1 if you’re committed. This new front office is a clown show. Maybe they’ll overdraft another 3rd string TE this year as well.

  4. What a self-obsessed man-child. The Pack has paid him $241 million and he’s not the least bit grateful.

  5. This time Rodgers holds all the leverage.

    They either extend him or trade him. That simple from Rodgers perspective

  6. I’m a Lions fan, and I’ve hated Rodgers for a while, hence my name in here. But, he is the Packers. Without Rodgers the Packers might pull out 2 wins, probably still against my Lions sadly. In the end, the Packers have not treated him properly. I don’t blame him for wanting out. I think tonight is going to be very interesting.

  7. The bearded one looking for some west coast freedom.

    I would pay good money to see Rodgers in Vegas with Gruden… the unspoken language/facial expressions between those two would be fantastic comedy.

  8. Yesterday got a lot of thumbs down even mentioning that the Niners should trade #3 for Rodgers. Looks like it was proposed including Jimmy G. Still think the Niners would be smart to do it, have a top level Rodgers for 3-4 years. As a Dallas fan, I would offer Dak and #10 for him, then use the rest of the draft on defense.

  9. Per reports, it seems like every tier 1 QB is digruntled with their team this year, right? Russell Wilson was the last one who claims to have wanted out. Dont buy into the hype.

  10. If I were Rodgers, I’d be happy playing for such a strong team (best offensive line in football, best receiver in football, one of the best receiving running backs out of the backfield, up-and-coming tight end, top-10 defense), but I guess he can’t get over the team drafting a quarterback last year.

    If the Packers think Love can be the guy, they should get what they can for Rodgers while he has value. Even if they don’t think Love can be the guy, they can swap Rodgers for a draft slot where they can take one of the top quarterbacks this year. After the dead money is in the rear view mirror, they have a few years of a quarterback on a rookie contract to contend with an already-strong roster. That also seems pretty good.

  11. Is there something in the water (besides paper pulp) in Green Bay? How do they continue to screw up their relationship with the team’s elite franchise QB???

  12. Puts secret squirrels adventures of picking up farve at the airport to shame.

  13. Packers can fly all over the world and it wouldn’t even matter. Rodgers wants a new 3-5 years contract instead of year after year.

  14. Well this has certainly turned into an interesting day.

    I may run out of popcorn.

  15. These guys better be careful what there doing just like the ahole Brady trying to make superteams like the NBA and they will have nobody watching , NBA is a complete Joke !!

  16. Hopefully he doesn’t go to SF in a trade for the #3 pick. Hate to have him with that offense & defensive team for the next few years.

  17. Keep in mind these trips appear to have occurred after his agent’s visit to work out a new contract was not successful. They may be putting a finger in a large as hell crack in the dam at this point. Heck, does the Pack think that they can play hardball or even passive-aggressive with a guy that cut off his own parents?

  18. The Packers wasted Rodgers’ best years by not properly giving him the help on offense and up front so he’s not rushing throws or running for his life. The defense has been abysmal. Last year they added insult to injury by trading up to draft his replacement. I don’t blame him one bit for wanting out. This is different from the Favre situation, because unlike Favre, Rodgers never waffled weekly on retiring

  19. People can complain about Rodgers and his odd personality all they want. The guy has never been anything but uber-talented. I don’t begrudge Green Bay for drafting a young QB to be backup and to potentially take over. Even if it was Jordan Love last year. But they have not surrounded Rodgers with as much talent as they should’ve. And to not take care of his contract and then be surprised he’s not happy with the lack of commitment? One can argue he signed a contract and should fulfill it. But it’s clear GB wants to keep Rodgers on a short leash when a simple restructure could’ve freed up more money to get more talent. This offseason was a lose-lose for Rodgers and he should be upset the Packers kicked a FG at the worst time last year and they have been kicking field goals ever since…

  20. As a Dallas fan, I would offer Dak and #10 for him, then use the rest of the draft on defense.


    I guess you don’t recall him burning bridges with your current coach a couple years ago.

  21. The Packers wasted Rodgers’ best years by not properly giving him the help on offense and up front so he’s not rushing throws or running for his life.

    This is just flat out false. The offense has been top 10 in 8 of 12 seasons. #1 3 times, including last year, with everyone whining they needed more.

    The defense never held up their end of the bargain. And they stuck with McCarthy 3 years too long. THAT is how they failed him.

  22. Pretty large cap hit if he is traded prior to June 1. Would the Pack take a premier player and future draft picks? Seems unlikely, but I guess Rodgers can hold out and force their hand.

  23. I don’t blame Rodgers one bit for wanting out. He will be successful wherever he goes. GB will never see this much talent ever again, period.

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