Raiders select Alex Leatherwood with 17th overall choice

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The Raiders could have gone a lot of ways with the 17th overall choice. They chose to help their offensive line, which has gone a makeover this offseason.

Las Vegas selected Alabama offensive tackle Alex Leatherwood.

The Raiders saw the departures of center Rodney Hudson, tackle Trent Brown and guard Gabe Jackson this offseason.

They still have left tackle Kolton Miller, the 15th overall choice in 2018, and now they will have Leatherwood at right tackle. So they have bookends to build around as they seek to upgrade last year’s unit.

The Raiders also had needs at defensive back and linebacker, which they surely will address sooner than later in this draft.

21 responses to “Raiders select Alex Leatherwood with 17th overall choice

  1. Mike Mayock is really trying to get himself fired with these first round Alabama reaches he’s starting to become known for.

  2. I’m actually very disappointed with this pick. I wanted them take Teven Jenkins or even Christian Darrisaw. Leatherwood was expected to be a second-rounder. The Raiders just love to reach and vex the fanbase.

  3. The Raiders once again doing ‘Raider things’ on draft night, garnering the first public criticism out of all the teams thusfar, with most broadcasters scratching their heads on live TV. I am dead on the inside.

  4. The Raiders are fun to watch, just don’t think they will sniff a Super Bowl wit Mayock and Gruden

  5. This franchise perennially thinks they know more about college football players than any other human on planet earth.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  6. While you may need an offensive lineman you don’t “reach” and take a 2nd rounder in the 1st round. There were other better offensive lineman available and you cannot play him at tackle.

  7. Everyone: we need to improve this defense
    Mayock and gruden: let’s decimate the o line and draft a second round prospect with pick 17! High five

  8. I’m so tired of salting the same word year after year. What a waste of time to watch tonight. That one word is “who”?! Ok ya it’s usually followed by another more popular word…..

    But to me this is all Gruden, mayock can’t fight his boss here and it’s really showing. The commitment to free agents was only a start, I have no idea why the 30th D in the league doesn’t get a 4th starting LB when cover 3 starts all 4. Who the hell is bradley gonna put in as the fourth? I guess Joseph? A safety?

    Hmmm. I guess.

    Maybe they will sign the charger LB after the draft that did a visit, cause at least he knows the D scheme.

    I really hope they move up for an early 2nd.

  9. I hope I’m proven wrong, but I had at least 6-8 players I would have rather taken. If they really wanted him they could have traded back up into the late first round, and likely early 2nd round and still got him. I don’t get these reaches that seem to be happening nearly every year.

    I don’t think he is a bad player by any means, I just think there were some more impact player’s available. And unless they trade up to grab on of the few left, it’s going to be a questionable draft.

  10. The Raiders have a disconnect between the coaching staff and front office…

    Which is strange considering the same guy runs both.

    5 first round picks the previous two drafts and not a single absolute stud. Jacobs is the best of the bunch and Gruden just gave a running back big money (comparatively). Horrible roster management.

  11. Not a fan but..

    Tom Cable could turn any of us keyboard warriors into a solid Olineman.
    My hope is theyre banking on this kid being through the fire on the best team in the country and being relatively successful and that Tom will turn him into a starter like he did Kolton Miller, remember that experiment wasnt look good at first.

  12. What is it about being a GM/coach of the Raiders that you think you’re smarter than everyone else in the personnel department? Another 2nd rounder drafted in round 1? Every. Freaking. Year. How did Arnette work out for us? When will these idiots learn? Heck this team.

  13. My 21 year old son makes better picks, and understands the weakness and strengths of the Raiders better than the Raiders brass does. Ironically that’s his dream job, to work for the Raiders. And he’s been working in sports management. They should give him a call, I’m convinced he would build a better roster.

  14. Every spring this franchise over-reaches.

    Every winter this franchise collapses.

    Mere coincidence, i’m so very sure.

  15. They signed that Jones-Smith fa, and Seymour…does this mean that Brandon Parker’s 3 yr scholarship is over?
    I thought they said that Tom Cable could develop anyone!?
    Apparently, Brandon Parker is the only 6′ 8″ human with 35″ arm length whom Cable cannot develop?
    If you can’t develop him, why is he taking up a roster spot?

  16. Is there ANYBODY who thinks this was the best player available at 17? (besides the MORONIC Raider brass…)

  17. Huge over reach again! Could have been picked in the 2nd or 3rd round. But everybody’s wrong except Mayock

  18. Huge over reach again! Could have been picked in the 2nd or 3rd round. But everybody’s wrong except Mayock

    you don’t even know if he would have been available. stop being sheep people.

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