Report: Tim Tebow recently worked out for Jaguars as a tight end

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Tim Tebow retired from baseball in February.

With his former college coach, Urban Meyer, now in Jacksonville, the Heisman Trophy winner apparently is looking at unretiring from football.

The Jaguars recently worked out Tebow and have had discussions with him about signing, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The team plans to try him at tight end.

Tebow last played in a regular-season football game in 2012, only one season after Tebowmania took the NFL by storm. Following one season with the Jets, however, the 2010 first-round pick of the Broncos failed to make a 53-man roster despite opportunities with the Eagles and Patriots.

He turned to baseball in 2016, after opting not to pursue the CFL or any other non-NFL football league. Both the AAF and the XFL sought to sign him.

66 responses to “Report: Tim Tebow recently worked out for Jaguars as a tight end

  1. Teebs had the size and agility 6’3 250 lbs….not sure about the hands tho.

  2. “Mr. Deadhorse on line 1 for Mr. Tebow…requestS you stop beating him.’

  3. THIS is why there’s such backlash against Tebow. He could possibly have been in football all this time as a tight end. Noooooooo…he didn’t want to do that. He ends up out of the NFL before he can blink, and he can’t believe it. So he decides he wants to play pro baseball. Well, he gets every chance to make it to the Majors and can’t do that. So NOW he wants to give tight end a shot because his old college coach is running a team.
    Enough of this guy already.

  4. Just imagine if he would’ve checked his ego when coming into the NFL instead of thinking just because he was successful in college at qb he will have it in the NFL at qb he shouldn’t listen to the multiple teams telling him/asking him to workout at tight end.
    I wonder where all the fans are who defended his ego saying he only liked playing qb so he was being true himself by rebuffing a position change.

  5. He doesn’t need the money and this would play well with the fans in Jax. Go for it!

  6. Oops. Put the Rogers take on the wrong story. Oh well.

    But about Tebow…. for a guy who’s life is guided by God, he sure is missing all the signs God is giving him that he is simply not a professional athlete.

  7. I could see them using Tebow as a Taysom Hill-type gadget player who actually takes some snaps as QB a few times a game. But jeez, who knows what kind of football shape he’s in.

  8. Too bad Tebow’s professional football career wasn’t as resilient as the PFT stories about him.

  9. I guess the best thing he has going for him at 33 years old and learning a new position after 9 years out of the league is a lack of wear and tear on his body.

  10. …Uh, to all of the brave commentators on this thread…Tim Tebow is 6’3 240 lbs…ripped…and does a prom night for young people with special needs…I think he will be alright outside of the NFL….

  11. The real worrying thing is Urban Meyer thinks TT was worth even considering, This isn’t College football this is the NFL Mr Meyer.

    A big lesson coming i believe and this is the worry for Trevor Lawrence

  12. 8-5 with a playoff win to never starting a game at QB ever again = conspiracy

  13. Urban and Tebow back together again— Jags about to become the most hated team in the NFL— now I really want this team to bomb hard

  14. Good luck to him I hope he actually gets a spot. But man I wish he would have done this at least 5+ years ago, he might be a pretty good TE in the league already.

  15. Is he really that bored? Keep being a motivational speaker, college or pro sports analyst, blogger and advocate, and enjoy the fact your are rich, dead-sexy, can still walk without a limp and have your brains in tact. I don’t get why he would even consider this.

  16. Before the NFL crapped on the flag, national anthem and America, they crapped on Tebow and Christians as part of Cultural Marxism.

  17. This guy has ALWAYS been about himself and his massive ego. He craves attention and the spotlight. Only 3rd string QB I have ever witnessed demand press conferences. He refused to switch positions before, demanding to start at QB in NY and refused to come into the game, saying he is a QB only. Refused to go to another league as a QB because he was above that. Had opportunities in the NFL to switch to TE or FB. Now that his baseball career is over, he wants to give the NFL another go and finally willing to change positions? Only reason he lasted in baseball was due to his name and how it attracted fans. He sucked. Time for teams to stop giving this guy attention. Great college player but a massive failure at everything since then.

  18. No he didn’t, he went out to visit and played catch with Urban. The media thinks he’s trying out to be a TE. Get your stories straight PFT

  19. crappygovernment says: 8-5 with a playoff win to never starting a game at QB ever again = conspiracy

    Conspiracy? He was a HORRIBLE QB. He wasn’t 8-5, his team was. His team with the #1 defense, top 5 rushing offense…AND 32nd passing offense. The worst passing offense in the entire NFL with Tebow and you credit him, not the #1 defense? His 47 completion % is bottom 5 ALL-TIME for 1st rd QB. He also went to the Jets, Patriots and Eagles after Denver where he failed to win the starting job, demoted to 2nd and 3rd string. His NYJ teammates hated him. It’s not a conspiracy. He is a massive jerk. He refused to come into the game on wildcat plays, pouted. He pouted about how it was unfair he wasn’t handed the starting job. He has a massive me-first ego and couldn’t complete more than 47% of his passes. No conspiracy, facts. As for winning a playoff game…Rex Grossman helped take a team to the Super Bowl. Want to sing his praises?

  20. Yeah cuz 33 year old tight ends who’ve never actually played a down at tight end are at the top of every GMs wish list.

  21. crappygovernment says:
    April 29, 2021 at 3:34 pm
    8-5 with a playoff win to never starting a game at QB ever again = conspiracy

    I don’t know if this is a serious comment or not, but I’ll treat it as such. Yes, NFL teams do everything they can to get rid of winners, right? If this is the ridiculous idea that the NFL somehow persecutes Christians (or whatever) that’s utter nonsense. There are many MANY NFL players who are open about their faith. Brees, Rivers, Foles – all QBs – just to name a few.

    As someone says above, Tebow couldn’t accept not being a QB and the league had no use for him. He should’ve done this 10 years ago – as teams wanted him to. Hey, good for him for trying to do things his way, but this is the bed he made for himself. And baseball shape is much different than NFL shape.

    I’m not rooting against him by any means, but he’s got a serious need for attention.

  22. Love this as a Florida fan we can never get enough of Timmy Tebow! Bring him on for my Jag’s, he can run the wildcat, throw, Good Times.

  23. 0 of the NFL owners or Gms are Bible believing Christians. They feared being exposed by Tebow with verses like Rev 2:9 & Rev 3:9.

  24. I know the Jags are exempt from having to do Hard Knocks, because they have a new head coach and therefore, are exempt from having to do it. But, if the Jags have Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence, and Tim Tebow? HBO will be on their knees begging the Jags to be on Hard Knocks. I might even watch! The drama! “Tim, the coach wants to see you. And bring your playbook.”

  25. If I hated Tebow and knew he stunk I would want him out there stinking up the joint so I could mock Tebow and the Lord in typical Jesus-hater fashion. This didn’t happen because they knew Tebow would win again like he did in 2011 when he went 8-5 with a playoff win.

  26. A few things can be true at the sametime: Tebow is an all time great college QB. Tebow was not a great NFL QB. Tebow was misused in his career after Denver. Tebow is too old now to transition back to football.
    No one really let him do anything at all except punt protect. It might be Tebow’s own fault as I seem to remember him saying he was a QB and only a QB, but he was athletic and big enough to try something else and no one ever did that.

  27. Regardless of how this turns out, God has blessed that man, and he is an inspiration on how to live life. He’s always so positive despite all the negativity directed at him.

  28. Laugh if you want to but NE wanted him to do that as well. Should be interesting if it happens.

  29. If he earns a roster spot, let him play, right?

    Truthfully I hope he does, because who doesn’t love a good comeback story!

  30. It’s way too late at this point. He’s been out of football for too long. Plus, I’m not sure I would be able to stomach Tebow Time for a second time.

  31. You can’t lead a team as a HB, TE or FB. That’s why they wanted Tebow to switch positions in 2012. They never made Josh Rosen switch positions or take cheap extra hits as punt protector!

  32. A lot people on here say he should have humbled himself, but how could he humble himself when John Elway picks you in the first round to play QB?

  33. Love it when people assume it’s easy to change positions like there aren’t tons of guys who are also big and fast (and younger) who have been playing TE for years perfecting their craft. This is like a few years back how people said Tebow should just “become” a fullback.

  34. Logan Thomas comes to mind immediately. I think Tebow would have been a Great TE, and if he shows even the slightest promise it’s going to be hard to not think what might have been

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