Tommy Tuberville advises incoming rookies to stick to sports

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The “stick to sports” crowd is already reciting its mantra to the newest crop of NFL players.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Al.), a former college football coach, tells that the players drafted over the next three days should “talk about what you know about” and avoid talking about politics.

“Nobody’s looking for an outspoken person,” Tuberville said. “We’re too divided as it is.”

The former football coach is right. Indeed, it’s important for football coaches to continue to coach football, and to not try to learn about things like the three branches of government.

“Everybody wants to make an opinion, and that’s fine,” Tuberville said. “But, I think, especially for young people to get involved in something that maybe they might not understand as much, I think they need to let people that, whatever they do for a living, justify it.”

I’ve read that last sentences three times, and I don’t understand it. But I definitely understand the irony of the last comment attributed to Tuberville in the article.

“I’d just like to see our country be more settled down in terms of people getting into politics or in sports and vice versa,” said the former football coach.

Tuberville is free to express his opinion. And others are free to express the opinion that he’d have no problem with the opinions of athletes if they meshed with his personal political beliefs. For those who shout “stick to sports,” it’s only a problem when the non-sticking to sports involves positions with which the stick-to-sporters disagree.

And that’s the inherent hypocrisy of those who want politics out of sports. Ultimately, they only want the politics they don’t like out of sports.

93 responses to “Tommy Tuberville advises incoming rookies to stick to sports

  1. I think it’s good advice. When you’re just starting your pro football career, why alienate half your fanbase?

    That doesn’t mean you can’t move into a political career after your football career is over, as the writer of this article implies.

  2. And that’s the inherent hypocrisy of those who want politics out of sports. Ultimately, they only want the politics they don’t like out of sports.

    Wrong. And please don’t generalize with sweeping statements like this. I personally want politics out of sports, period. We’re being bombarded with it enough as it is. Sports is supposed to be an escape from it.

  3. Tommy Tuberville, the answer to a question no one asked. Thanks a lot Alabama. It’s almost enough to make me want a 49 star flag.

  4. What a disgrace. I am sure there are a lot of fine people in Alabama.

    This guy isn’t one of them.

    This country has no use for more people like Tommy Tubberville. Absolutely reprehensible comments.

    Let’s start a petition to get him removed.

  5. He is absolutely correct: Most fans only care about a players ability to throw, catch, block and run. I personally couldn’t care less about a football players opinion on any political matter whatsoever.

  6. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, this guy should have stuck to football. At least he was semi-informed there.

  7. Having an opinion is fine. Having that opinion having undue influence of the impressionable is not fine if the opinion lacks education and experience behind it. Something these kids 100% lack in both areas.

    I call it the “live in a car” rule when it comes to Hollywood. If you’ve ever lived in a car by choice over getting a real job, become addicted to drugs, beat a significant other.. Maybe you don’t make good life choices, so please don’t offer your opinion on life to others. Similar applies here.

  8. Senator Tommy Tuberville should shut his mouth and practice his own preaching. We know the skin color of those who wants to suppress. These young, black athletes have every right in the world to speak their minds and not let some old, angry white man tell them how to act. Black Lives Matter!

  9. I’d wager that almost every incoming player knows more about politics, or anything else, than Tuberville does.

  10. Absolutely agree. I could care less what any celeb or athlete has to say about politics. Talk about football or movies you are in. That’s all.

  11. Here’s a coach turned politician, and he’s saying stick to sports? Look in the mirror and say that, Tommy.

  12. Yeah, tuberville needs to heed his own advice. The guy has opened his trap way more then is needed and is obviously one of those fake patriots who are all about freedom of speechers unless your free speech beliefs disagree with him of course, then it’s just stick to sports or what have you. People like him are the true dividers of our nation.

  13. Such a dumb thing to say. It serves no purpose except to England the situation.
    I am sure any out spoken college students will just tuck tail and run home.

  14. Is it a celebration of your first amendment rights if you’re just spouting stupidity?

  15. Tommy wasn’t great at coaching and isn’t any better with logic. Something tells me he was singing a different time when he was recruiting young football players from the south.

  16. politics in 2021: pettiness and hypocrisy, followed by outrage at the pettiness and hypocrisy of the other guys.

  17. Tuberville is a blathering idiot. The only reason he’s in politics now is because he made his name in sports. He’s the last person to be telling young people to “stick to what they know”. His “3 branches of government” dissertation is classic. He certainly doesn’t know anything other than what package to run on 3rd & 6 when down by 3 points.

  18. Sage advice from a “politician” who accumulated his wealth coaching football……………and couldn’t pass a 5th grade civics exam.

  19. This from the guy who was partners in an investment scheme where his business partner took the fall and went to prison…

  20. I find it funny all these people who get their grundies in a bundle anytime an athlete or entertainer speaks THEIR political view but go on message boards spouting their views everyday and meanwhile their parroting views that hannity, carlson, meadow, or some other smoe hoe entertainer spoon fed them the night before. When an overwhelming majority of your athletes are not caucasian and are living and dealing with 24-7 365 the very issue at hand, yeah I’d say they have a right to their opinion. If you don’t like it, it’s simple, don’t watch. If the issues that are being discussed so broadly currently, weren’t issues, articles like this would not be so rampant.

  21. Beware of advice from anyone who is disparately and remotely connected with Q-nuts.

  22. Nonsense from another unqualified politician. If a player wants, then that player should comment on political issues. I suspect that most athletes like non athletes are just as misinformed ( my opinion) as other citizens. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have people in Congress with ged, no work accomplishments aside from getting elected, and other weak qualifications. WE just had a president that came into office with primary qualifying experience being born to the right person and knowing how to run a commercial real estate business. Now, we have vice president that hasn’t accomplished much outside of being a district attorney and senator. Putting unqualified people into decision making roles will catch up with us.

  23. Good grief there are a lot of trolls on this site… Maybe that’s what’s wrong with things – too many keyboard trolls…

  24. I am just tired of hearing everybodys opinions. Few present their opinions as opinions they are presented as the only way to think about something. Beyond popular belief it is ok to have a different opinion.

  25. Explain to me how this guy got elected? Was it completely on name recognition alone because if I am reading this correctly a US Senator is telling the NFLs incoming draft class that they should avoid their First Amendment rights to free speech. Big applause for Tommy for not even being smart enough to know that he is urging people to not use rights guaranteed to them by law. Everybody please stand and clap with me.

  26. “Talk about what they know about”

    Yeah, I would expect that’s what most people do. We’re not talking about someone giving a dissertation on constitutional law. It’s people choosing to give their opinions on things that matter to them.

    People who think politics haven’t been a part of sports for a very long time just haven’t been paying attention.

  27. Tommy, Rudy Guiliani is on Line 1. Something about getting raided by the Feds. Maybe you should have stuck to sports.

  28. …says the guy who doesn’t know the three branches of government, voted repeatedly to subvert the Constitution and didn’t stick to what he knows.

  29. Yet another division that we can all pick a side on…yay?

    How about we all look at the true oppressors in this world. The bankers, wallstreet, pharma, big business and ANY politician that tells you to do as I say while they do the oppostie. Us common folk could all get along much better if WE are able to focus our energy there, instead of eachother.

  30. Talking about social issues is not “talking politics”, it’s just being a responsible citizen involved in the society you live in.

  31. Tommy, follow your own advice, resign from politics (something you know nothing about), and stick to sports…..drop mic.

  32. Tommy, Rudy Guiliani is on Line 1. Something about getting raided by the Feds. Maybe you should have stuck to sports.

    Is that where we are at now… using federal raids against political foes? I mean I get it why Giuliani was raided but now you’re acting like raids should be recourse for people not falling in line. When did we turn into 1930s Soviet Union?

  33. pendragon54 says:
    April 29, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    He is absolutely correct: Most fans only care about a players ability to throw, catch, block and run. I personally couldn’t care less about a football players opinion on any political matter whatsoever.

    Lemme guess….You voted for The Orange One, right?

  34. “Nobody’s looking for an outspoken person,” Tuberville said. “We’re too divided as it is.”

    Imagine being so weak-willed that you allow yourself to be ruled against “what divides us” simply for others stating their own opinions that may or may not be different from yours. This notion that “People should say things I and/or others don’t want to hear because it’s furthering division” is such a cop out. If you allow yourself to be overstruck with anger from hearing another person’s opinion that is different from yours, then you need to work on yourself.

    This is the United States of America. People from all over the country have different thoughts and feelings of what is right and what is wrong. That fact alone is a small part of what makes this country free-er than most. If a professional athlete wants to devote some of his/her time to be outspoken about whatever issue they want – and that bothers you, then you need to grow a pair.

  35. The PROVABLY dumb football coach who became a senator because he’s white, Christian, and a football coach tells young men to stick to sports…

    The lack of self-awareness for people like Dumberville is astonishing.

  36. More from Senator Tommy; “the new senator described how his father took part in ‘liberating Paris from socialism and communism’”. Way to go Alabama, but of course your other choice was that idiot judge that dated teenagers.

  37. gibson45 says:
    April 29, 2021 at 1:23 pm
    A senator going by the name “Tommy”. Let that sink in.


    President “Jimmy” Carter says hi

  38. Republicans like old Tommy love to hump the idea of Freedom of Speech, unless it is disagreeable to them or people say the wrong thing or they are an athlete or an actor or they say something controversial and on and on and on

  39. maverick7wi says:
    April 29, 2021 at 1:28 pm
    Absolutely agree. I could care less what any celeb or athlete has to say about politics. Talk about football or movies you are in. That’s all.

    Well if that’s your logic, since you’re not in sports you shouldn’t have an opinion you post on this site.

  40. jimcross1957 says:
    April 29, 2021 at 1:19 pm
    And when they are different than YOUR opinions Florio.

    And when they are different from YOU opinions Jim.

  41. State Motto of Alabama: Thank God for Mississippi
    State Motto of Mississippi: Thank God for Alabama

  42. The coach-turned-politician wants to keep the athletic types out of politics. Just. Wow.

  43. A former football coach turned senator telling athletes to stay out of politics makes about as much sense as commenters on this site expressing opinions about other people expressing lame opinions.

  44. jasons81 says:
    April 29, 2021 at 2:10 pm
    … When did we turn into 1930s Soviet Union?


    Did you miss the 1950’s & McCarthyism?

  45. Tommy Tuberville? Anyone that paid attention to his last go at Cincinnati knows this guy has probably already checked out of his Gov’t job and is off golfing somewhere. He may have been an OK coach at one time, but he was incredible disinterested at that last stop.

  46. Couldn’t agree more, Tommy. These athletes are like alot of America. Brainwashed by this left wing media who spews out lie after lie and the liberals eat it up as the truth and regurgitate what they say.

  47. We hear all the time about how athletes have to behave because so many eyes are on them. If so, then an athlete being an activist is even more important. Is Tuberville telling black athletes to not speak out about issues affecting the black community? Of course, leave those discussion up to him. LOL

  48. Why are athletes the only ones who should their opinions to themselves?

    That many people don’t want to hear what young, rich mostly black people have to say?

  49. If only Tommy had stuck to sports, we’d all be better off.

    It’s a disgrace to the nation and his own state that he was elected. He’s a joke, a puppet, and the people who voted him in have insulted the office and the very concept of governance.

    Tuberville is emblematic of everything that is wrong with politics and government right now.

  50. When people make social issues into political issues, that’s the divide. People protesting for human lives and equal treatment is not political. I agree that I don’t care what their opinion is on foreign policy issues, trade agreements, or things like that. However, if they have a platform to push for equality, I’m all for it.

  51. Tommy Tuberville, a US Senator who doesn’t even understand how the Constitution is constructed, should have stuck to what he knows, and it isn’t government.

  52. EVERYONE in the entertainment field (including athletes)should keep quiet about politics.

  53. I can say for certain that when I was the age of these football players, I was really under-informed about politics, but thought I knew all about it. Further, I spent a good deal of my time spouting off about issues I was grossly misinformed on, and didn’t listen much to people who were older and wiser than me. So there’s a point to be made, even though the Senator from Alabama may not be the ideal person to say so. These guys can cause themselves a lot of problems with their mouths on social media. Nobody wants Florio writing a hit-piece about them based on their support for a candidate he doesn’t like 🙂

  54. Maybe if he stops running his own mouth for a minute and realise no-one gives a monkeys what he thinks.

    Maybe he should stick to politics, then again, looking at some of the things he comes out with … maybe McDonalds is hiring?

  55. He should listen to his own advice. Hey Tommy, tell us about the three branches of our government again?

  56. He should follow his own advice and not talk about things he has no clue about… like politics

  57. I can’t believe the comments on here. People actually believe that a black athlete can’t think about taxes, healthcare, social justice, economy, military spending, environmental issues, foreign affairs or any other governmental or political issue? These are amazingly prejudicial stances. And you probably think you are making sense. Incredible. A black athlete or MAN can actually have thoughts and opinions on things outside of his profession, whether he is a football player, accountant, lawyer, police officer, computer programmer, etc. Unbelievable.

  58. Previously, it was do not introduce politics into sports. I get that. I am not interested in political protests DURING sporting events.

    Tuberville’s rant is against sportsmen discussing politics because they are young. That is OUTSIDE of sports. He’s sending the message that he’s old, elitist, and against free speech. Not something I can endorse.

  59. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you don’t want to hear it then don’t read the article or watch any videos of athletes speaking out. But because YOU don’t want to hear it doesn’t give you the right to decide for everyone else. I’m sure those that don’t want to hear athletes never hesitate the add their opinions and comments whenever they feel like it.

  60. Tommy, the coach-turned-politician, wants to mute his players regarding politics. Really? Maybe he’s afraid of having them correctly name the three branches of Government–which Tommy surprisingly cannot do.

  61. The irony here so deep you need waders. A football coach turned politician tells football players to stick to football. Tubberville id take more seriously if he had actually demonstrated he knew what new arena he was entering was all about. The man was asked what the 3 branches of government were, and got it wrong. That’s not good. Any kid whose gone through 7th grade social studies should’ve gotten that one right. So Coach, stick to football I’m not sure your that good at your new job.

  62. As a commercial product, which all professional athletes effectively are, you should always consider economics in any decision and attempt to appeal to all. I never found any business, rock star, author or movie maker who wanted a smaller audience. Of course people do appeal to niche audiences all the time, and that can work for some time, but it often alienates people or misses opportunities. If you look at overtly religious athletes, some people don’t like to see these players pray. (Why? I have no idea, they just don’t). People form ideas and stereotypes. Nothing wrong with praying and defining yourself that way, in some ways it’s commendable, but it also opens you up to criticism (in Christianity, Jesus mentions this). If you look closely at the economics of jim crow, as an example, who did that hurt economically? It hurt the white businessmen who couldn’t do business with black people. Having a broad appeal to all is the best advice. It’s isn’t books, it’s amazon. Reactionary tweets and posts are often the twin of drunken rants.

  63. knightwanderer says:
    April 29, 2021 at 3:17 pm
    The irony here so deep you need waders. A football coach turned politician tells football players to stick to football. Tubberville id take more seriously if he had actually demonstrated he knew what new arena he was entering was all about. The man was asked what the 3 branches of government were, and got it wrong. That’s not good. Any kid whose gone through 7th grade social studies should’ve gotten that one right. So Coach, stick to football I’m not sure your that good at your new job.
    To be fair, if we are using 7th grade as the barometer, we can immediately ignore all of these idiots who would also fail a 4th grade grammar test. If I see one more person write “could of” or “would of” or “should of” my head might explode.

  64. Ok, should we just let politicians talk about politics?

    This is like saying a plumber or teacher should stick to what they know.
    So who’s allowed to talk about politics?

    The problem is people like this senator telling someone to not be involved in their community. Politics affects everyone and everyone should be involved whether we like it or not.

  65. Here is what I think is a great idea. Everyone should be politically involved, and fix the systemic problems our country has with racism and socialism for the 1%, and in return, no one will feel the need to use their platform to try and bring those changes to fruition. Simple.

  66. Aloha,
    Always good to express your opinion and vote based on what you know and have experienced. The old saying of “walked a mile in my shoes/moccasins/sneakers/ combat boots…”

    We are all better informed when we listen to the experiences of others.

    Lets see:
    TB12 shows us taking less $ as one player is a good idea and a core value of being a Teammate. And the next SB win is his favorite. Other [layers think differently. Interesting ideas and experiences.

    If you or your family have ever been hassled for how you pray, what clothes you wear, how you cut your hair, an accent or where you grandparents or parents were born, yes, please talk to us about that. All of us make choices like those. And we all come from somewhere. I recall Sandy Koufax wrote about some of that in his first autobiography. From many, one.

    Many players prefer low tax states. Great to learn from you and the options you consider. Many legislatures consider that path, too. I guess 1/2 will always be “lower”; 1/2 “higher”. Thought provoking.

    If you or you family has been denied housing or jobs or advancement, verbally or physically assaulted or murdered because of who you love, yes, please talk about that. I think Elton John mentioned that. If you have never experienced those things, good to say that, to.

    Many players report pot has been helpful concerning pain and prefer pot to opiates. Many state legislatures now do, too. Others strongly object. I think Rob Gronkowski has spoken about that. States rights and “Experiments in democracy”in action.

    If you or a family member have ever been hassled/arrested/beat-up, raped shot or lynched for: Driving, walking, talking, shopping, breathing or voting or for being poor, yes, please talk about that. Probably important for you to say and us to hear. And for all of us who have never experienced that, good to say that too.

    Many players report alcohol, pot and other drugs have ruined their lives. Important thing for us all to consider in our choices.

    America and our bill of rights. Love them or kill them.

  67. This is the same guy who doesn’t know what the three branches of government are, lecturing others not to talk about politics.

  68. Hey Tommy, for a guy who didn’t know about the three branches of the US
    Government that’s a might tall ask. See November 13, 2020 Tuberville statements for reference.

  69. The fact that this clown got elected tells us all we need to know about politics and sports mixing. I defy you to name us a dumber politician. And there is plenty of competition out there!

  70. I’m struggling to understand why anyone would care what Tuberville or an NFL rookies thoughts on politics are. The greatest irony is that it’s being spoken by a guy who wouldn’t hold office if people didn’t know his name from football.

    For the official record I will take my sports without political propaganda whether I agree with the sentiment or not.

  71. Tuberville would be fine with any athlete, entertainer or corporation, that would parrot what he espouses, but let them have a different opinion and suddenly you need to stay in your lane. Fix the problems Tuberville, once you do that there will be nothing driving athletes to make political statements. Try doing your job. This is just more of the rightwing trying to silence American rights to free speech.

  72. The world is so sad. Guys like Tommy Tuberville telling people he doesnt know to sit down and shut up, and when you have Tim Scott say anything, he gets called Uncle Tim by the people who are “enlightened about equality”. The truth is any hyper-partisan just wants you to agree with them, end of story.

  73. Says the guy with the physical education degree from a (below) mediocre school. His comments weren’t about politics, they were about racism. We’re “divided” over whether more or less institutional oppression is the way forward. “Nobody’s looking for an outspoken person.” I’m pretty sure that’s not true of nonwhite fans.

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