Vikings take tackle Christian Darrisaw at No. 23

Pittsburgh v Virginia Tech
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The Vikings ended up getting one of the players they were targeting at No. 23, despite trading down from No. 14.

Virginia Tech tackle Christian Darrisaw joins Minnesota’s offensive line as a first-round pick.

The Vikings needed infrastructure on the offensive line, especially after cutting Riley Reiff. Whether it’s making it easier for running back Dalvin Cook or buying time for quarterback Kirk Cousins, it was important for Minnesota to get some help at the tackle position.

And they have. In later rounds, they’ll need to target pass rushers. That’s where the two third-round picks they acquired by trading down could come in handy.

The selection of Darrisaw gives Virginia Tech consecutive first-round selections, with cornerback Caleb Farley going to the Titans at No. 22.

14 responses to “Vikings take tackle Christian Darrisaw at No. 23

  1. I wouldn’t have complained if they got him at 14 so to get him at 23 is fantastic. Use one of those third-round picks on a guard and trade two of them to get up for a defensive end and you’ll still have another one left for maybe a QB.

  2. Let’s give a shout out to the Vikings for getting the pick in on time this year!

  3. As an aggressive blocker with size, strength and power, the Virginia Tech standout is a backyard bully on the edges

  4. The trade down was nerve wracking, but glad he was available at 23. Will be interesting to see what happens with Rick’s bajillion 3rd and 4th rounders.

  5. I wonder if he will have as much impact as their first round pick last year? Pretty big shoes to fill there

  6. This is the Vikings being the same ol’ Vikings. They had a chance to get rid of Cousins and didn’t do it. Then they gave Cousins an extension that wiped out the no trade clause and did nothing. Now the Vikings have a shot at a potential QB of the future in Jones and they once again fail to get it done. You get what you deserve Vikings.
    Have fun watching Cousins drop back in to the backfield while standing there slapping the ball waiting to be tackled next season. It’s amazing how anyone in the Vikings front office still has a job.

  7. I absolutely knew the Vikings would trade down. And it actually worked out great. Now, either move up to the 2nd round for a DE or another OL, or stand pat with 4 third round selections and get at least one starter and very good depth. But, alas, they’ll probably trade back at least 1 of those picks for 2 fifth rounders or something.

  8. Solid pick by the Vikings here but I wouldn’t have minded if the Vikings traded down and took Fields like the Bears did either. They have to get from under Cousins contract. His agent is killing the GM & team.

  9. Let’s give a shout out to the Vikings for getting the pick in on time this year!

    This is so 2004

  10. Great job by Spielman in Round 1. I would like to know what they would’ve done if Kwity Paye would’ve been on the board. Seems like we will be able to grab a top 5 safety & fill in our OL depth in Rounds 3 & 4. Just hoping that we can add a solid DE. I worry about our depth at DE if Hunter gets hurt.

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