Zac Taylor: Didn’t need Joe Burrow to convince me to take Ja’Marr Chase

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Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said earlier this month that the fact that wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase played with quarterback Joe Burrow at LSU was something the team would take into account when they made the fifth pick in the draft, but it doesn’t sound like it was the determining factor in taking him on Thursday night.

Taylor told reporters that Chase is “one of the best receivers I have ever evaluated” and that any word from Burrow was unnecessary to sell the coach on the wideout.

“I don’t know that I needed a lot of convincing,” Taylor said, via Paul Dehner of “Said scale of 1-10 what would be your excitement level if we added Ja’Marr Chase. His answer was 10.”

Burrow released some video of him throwing the football on Thursday and that should raise the excitement level for plenty of people in Cincinnati as they look ahead to the 2021 season.

4 responses to “Zac Taylor: Didn’t need Joe Burrow to convince me to take Ja’Marr Chase

  1. Last year showed the Bengals need to protect Burrow, yet they opted to add more weapons.

  2. Young coaches taking the most plentiful position early in the draft. That’s why a lot of young coaches never become old coaches. The reason Burrow got sacked so much is because the Bengals had a poor defense, and were always playing from behind. That’s tough on any QB, but particularly a very young QB. Burrow will be heads and shoulders more advanced this year, but you have to build your defense so you’re not falling behind early in the game. I don’t care if you have eleven HOFers on offense, if your defense can’t stop anyone, you’ll fall behind, and your QB will get injured facing blitzes all day long. WR’s are fun to watch, but how many playoff wins does A.J. Green have? He’s a HOFer. The Bengals have a HOF QB. They need someone running the team that knows what they’re doing, or Burrow is going to want out.

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