Alex Leatherwood excited to prove the Raiders right for picking him

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Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock didn’t need to wait for the reaction to the team’s first-round pick to come rolling in to know what it would be.

Mayock told reporters he knew the selection of former Alabama tackle Alex Leatherwood would be “controversial” given the way most people ranked the players at the position. Leatherwood was usually ranked behind players like Christian Darrisaw, who went 23rd to the Vikings, and Teven Jenkins, who was not picked.

It’s something Mayock and the Raiders have made a habit of doing in the first round the last few years, but many of the picks haven’t panned out as hoped. Leatherwood said he’s excited about the chance to show they made the correct call this time.

“I’m not like a media guy,” Leatherwood said, via Levi Damien of “I’m not the type of dude to get caught up in all that garbage because I know what my film said about me and the G.M. and the coach they know that as well, so I’m just grateful that they watched that film and they saw me as good enough to be the 17th overall pick. So, I’m more than excited to get to the program and prove them right. Not necessarily like prove all the haters, the people who made all the mock drafts and stuff wrong, but to prove myself and the Raiders organization right because I’m thankful and grateful for them.”

Pre-draft rankings will have no bearing on what happens for Leatherwood now and they’ll fade away if he helps the team to their first winning season since Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden landed their current jobs.

13 responses to “Alex Leatherwood excited to prove the Raiders right for picking him

  1. I guess winning the Outland trophy doesn’t mean much to the haters. Go show em kid.

  2. The kid is of high character on and off the field. He also is the Outland trophy winner but yet he’s a reach to some of these so called experts. Excellent pick and will step right in and dominate!

  3. It’s not that he will or won’t pan out, I am sure he will be a very serviceable Tackle…the problem is that this was a second round talent drafted in the first round. Or…to put it in other words, another wasted 1st round pick. The Raiders have had more 1st round picks in the last three drafts than any other team in the league and yet they can’t make the playoffs. Drafting second rounders in the first round is the reason.

  4. Keep your head down and do your job, that’s the best way to prove yourself. He’s a good kid.

  5. The Raiders are so predictable when they draft. I literally asked myself right before their pick “I wonder what 2nd or 3rd round prospect they are going to pick in the 1st round this year.” They didn’t disappoint.

  6. Nobody knows how the kid is gonna play yet, Everbody is an expert including me as a fan. Let’s give him a while before saying hes a bust!

  7. I was hoping for a DB, but am no longer surprised by Gruden’s picks. That said, I don’t pay much attention to the draft “experts”. Nobody is paying them to pick players. I’m not smart enough to know if Leatherwood can play RT in the league, but if not he’ll be a hell of a guard.

  8. I kept hearing before the draft that NFL teams were a lot higher on Leatherwood than the mock drafters were. Still, I thought he might get into the back end of the first round, not #17. It’s just funny that the Raiders go against the grain every year and they’ve never made the mock drafters look like they were wrong.

  9. I like the pick. Nothing wrong with drafting a winner with a good attitude and foundation behind him, someone ready for a 20 regular season game NFL season. I think any of the other OL mentioned above are fine as well. But watching the “experts”, like McShay, squirm over this pick, is just icing. He has been wrong so often that the weathermen are singing his praises.

    Go Raiders! Welcome aboard.

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