Ja’Marr Chase: I’m going to break every record the Bengals have

2021 NFL Draft
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The Bengals have had receivers like Isaac Curtis, Cris Collinsworth, Carl Pickens, Chad Johnson, and A.J. Green put up good numbers for them over the years, but their newest wideout says he plans to leave them all in the dust.

Johnson holds franchise records with 751 catches, 10,783 receiving yards, and 66 receiving touchdowns, and fifth overall pick Ja'Marr Chase said after being picked on Thursday night that his plan is to push Johnson and the rest of the team’s best wideouts down a peg.

“I’m going to break every record they’ve got. That’s my goal right there. I’m telling you right now,” Chase said, via the team’s website. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but it’s going to get done.”

Given those feelings, it’s no surprise that Chase plans to hit the ground running. He is aiming for 1,500 yards and 10 touchdowns as a rookie, although the Bengals will likely be happy if he falls a little short while being part of a team that shows it can be a winner for the first time in a while.

14 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase: I’m going to break every record the Bengals have

  1. Maybe he should have at least lied and said “I want to be the best teammate, the hardest worker, and help the team succeed in any way I can”.

  2. I wonder what Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins have to say about that ? A good start for getting your team mates onside ??

    Oh and your QB might need some protection too…..

    But i would enjoy seeing it, IF it does happen

  3. Setting the goal in advance demonstrates wisdom. For without a criterion for outcome, set in advance, the situation just seems to happen.

  4. Hopefully you will have a qb that could throw it to you. That line isn’t very good and looks like burrow will be taking another beating

  5. Unless burrow has time to throw you might as well be a ravens wide receiver bc those stat lines will be similar

  6. Ja’Marr Chase: I’m going to break every record the Bengals have

    And 98% of the time these predictions set the player up for failure, how many RB’s have we heard predict 2000yd seasons or 1000X1000yd seasons and then neveer come close? The ones that do it do so without predicting it like Henry last season.

    BTW a 1000yd rushing in a season isn’t much on a 16 game schedule, that’s only 62.5yd per game, BIG DEAL! That’s one thing that’s never changed, 1000yds was something when I was a kid and there were only 12 games in a season but then they added 4 games and the 1000yd number never changed, it never went up with those 4 added games. If the mark would have went up equal to the added games it’d be 1333yds per season and not 1000.

  7. He’s probably looking at his old LSU teammate Justin Jefferson put up 1,400 yards last year and thinking he was better than Jefferson in college. College and the NFL are two different games, though.

  8. Yeah everyone thought Green would break Chad’s records. Turns out, it takes sustained excellence and good health to get 11k receiving yards.

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