Jaylen Waddle: Chemistry with Tua Tagovailoa is there for sure

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins gave quarterback Tua Tagovailoa a familiar target by drafting wide receiver Jaylen Waddle with the sixth overall pick on Thursday.

Waddle played two seasons with Tagovailoa at Alabama in 2018 and 2019 and expects the partnership they established to carry over to the NFL.

Chemistry is there for sure,” Waddle said, via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN. “I’m coming to work. I’m sure he is too.”

Waddle fractured his ankle in 2020, after starting the season with four games of at least 120 yards receiving. But he came back to play in the national championship game, making three catches for 34 yards in the victory over Ohio State.

Waddle should help the Dolphins become more explosive on offense after the club finished 15th in points and 22nd in total yards in 2020.

5 responses to “Jaylen Waddle: Chemistry with Tua Tagovailoa is there for sure

  1. This will be huge for Tua development also
    And having Fuller and possibly Wilson along with Parker and Gesicki
    Miami should have a tough group of ball catchers

  2. Waddle has the main skill for separation and that’s acceleration. Belichick for years has moved the chains with many different skilled Wide Receivers. They all had one thing in common; Great acceleration and the ability to separate quickly! Moving the chains for 1st downs can be the best defense, it keeps the other teams offense off the field. Belichick did this for years with Brian Flores watching. Brian watched receivers like Brown, Welker, Edelman and Amendola. All were smaller receivers who could accelerate and separate quickly to get first downs.

  3. If the Dolphins use him like Tyreek Hill it will be an amazing transformation of the Offense. He is about the same size and speed (4.29), but the difference is Waddle performed against the the NCAA’s best in the SEC. The big high point WR #1’s are necessary too, but the way the Chiefs keep pressure off Mahommes is the key to their success. They mix plays to Kelce and keep defenses off balance and not blitzing when Tyreek streaks deep, lines up in the backfield, inside and outside. I like the pick. Sure, Pitts would have been better, but it was simply not a possibility, so why ponder it.

  4. Everyone seems to be assuming he is still as fast as ever, but has he shown that post-injury? If so, I think it’s a great pick. If not, we’re gambling that his greatest asset, his speed, is still intact after a pretty significant ankle injury with no real evidence.

    I have to assume Flo and Grier were satisfied with the medical, but has anyone actually seen him run at speed recently?

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