Jayson Oweh will be known as Odafe Oweh in NFL

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When the Ravens made the 31st pick of the draft on Thursday night, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced linebacker Jayson Oweh as the newest member of the team.

That name isn’t going to appear on their roster, however. General Manager Eric DeCosta referred to Oweh as Odafe in his press conference and said he thinks he goes by both names.

Oweh explained in a later session with reporters that Odafe is actually his first name and that he used Jayson at Penn State to make it easier for others to pronounce. He said that he’s going back to his first name now.

“Jayson is my middle name,” Oweh said. “My first name is Odafe. I’m of Nigerian descent. People were having trouble pronouncing Odafe, so I went to Jayson my earlier years, but I don’t care anymore; you’re going to have to learn how to pronounce it.”

Oweh’s first name is pronounced O-dah-FEH and the Ravens hope to hear it in conjunction with a lot of disruptive plays on defense.

7 responses to “Jayson Oweh will be known as Odafe Oweh in NFL

  1. As a guy who has his first name (and last name) usually butchered by people who don’t know me, I appreciate people who have different names. Pronouncing a person’s name correctly is a sign of respect, and it’s amazing how many reporters and analysts you see on TV covering sports who still mispronounce veteran athletes’ names incorrectly. If I, as a casual fan, can get names right, people who are paid to cover these sports and athletes should be able to as well. It’s not hard.

  2. Odafe Oweh is a sweet name! Might take a little getting used to for some fans, but once you get it down it rolls off the tongue. Cool beans.

  3. Thinking Odafe Oweh is a sick name is as close as I will get to supporting the Ravens

  4. Announcers had no problems with Ndamukong Suh or Ben Roethlisberger. Pretty sure they can handle Odafe.

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