Jeopardy! gig looms over Aaron Rodgers’ football situation

Jeopardy Productions Inc.

On one hand, the folks at Jeopardy! have to love the free publicity that the show is getting via the connection to Aaron Rodgers‘ football future. Whenever his options are discussed, the show gets mentioned, since Rodgers could be the next permanent host — and he could walk away from the Packers and football generally to do it.

On the other hand, they have to be looking at the ongoing dysfunction between Rodgers and his 16-year employer and asking, “Could that eventually be us?”

Rodgers has had a problem with the Packers for a while. Although he has tried to craft a kindler, gentler image over the past year or so, Rodgers has a reputation for being prickly. Once, for example, he took issue with a 60 Minutes profile that characterized him as overly sensitive — prompting 60 Minutes to say, basically, “See?

There’s also a fine line between Rodgers going after what he wants and Rodgers coming off as presumptuous about the possibility of getting the Jeopardy! gig. Also, some on the production side could perceive that Rodgers and/or his representatives are using the show as a pawn in the broader chess match playing out between Rodgers and the Packers.

10 responses to “Jeopardy! gig looms over Aaron Rodgers’ football situation

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  2. Rodgers will be playing for and winning with the Packers this year. If he doesn’t honor his contract and “do the right thing,” his Jeopardy opportunity goes “poof.”

  3. The folks at Jeopardy only need to be worried if they’re as incompetent as the Packers’ brass.

  4. No way he gets the gig as Jeopardy host. He got better as his 2 weeks went on, but he was far from the best guest host they had.

  5. Aaron will be at The Kentucky Derby tomorrow. Unless Aaron climbs under a rock, he will have to say something when a camera and mic is in his face 75 times tomorrow.

  6. I truly do not care where this goes. I do not. If Rodgers stays….great. If he leaves……good luck. The uncertainty of Rodgers playing after Favre left was a refreshing and challenging time for Packer fans. How could anyone possibly place Favre??? Who knew? I look forward to the same challenges after Rodgers is gone, if and when he’s gone. It isn’t about one player. It wasn’t about Favre and it isn’t about Rodgers.

  7. The Packers have surrounded Rodgers and Favre with top level talent for almost 30 years. They are an elite franchise from the ownership group to the ball boy. Pretending otherwise is getting tiresome.

  8. He could do the same thing to Jeopardy? How does that scenario work? Demand Jeopardy pay him more than Drew Carey makes on Price is Right and upgrade the show’s clues/questions or he’ll pout until they trade him to Wheel of Fortune?

  9. The legendary Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings has had the best ratings of all of the post-Trebek hosts. He’s low profile, humble, and well liked. It’s been silly to even pretend the job would ever go to Rodgers, or to LeVarr Burton.

  10. Jesus, how do you say “I’m sorry” in the business world? Give him more money. That’s all he wants.

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