Jon Robinson: Doctors did an outstanding job of vetting, clearing Caleb Farley

Virginia Tech v Miami
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Cornerback Caleb Farley has been adamant that despite having two back surgeries, his health would not be a concern for teams as he enters the league. The Titans apparently felt that way, taking Farley at No. 22 overall on Thursday night.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson expressed his comfort with Farley’s medical history after making the selection on Thursday night.

“We spent time with him,” Robinson said, via Ben Arthur of The Tennessean. “We had follow up phone calls. We talked to trainers over at Virginia Tech that he’s worked with and really got a detailed break down of what he’s been doing and how he attacks everything and everyone spoke glowingly of that. I’ve had follow-up conversations with our medical team several teams about Caleb because we had such an affinity for him.

“Anytime a player has a medical condition, it’s up to the doctors and those guys to investigate that and provide us with information … They did an outstanding job of vetting out all the information and clearing him for us. The skillset that you see on tape and the person that we got to know and the recommendations that all the coaches and staff that I talked to about Caleb, all that stayed the same.”

Farley hasn’t played since 2019, opting out of the 2020 season. He’s undergone those two back surgeries since his last game for Virginia Tech — the most recent on March 23.