Justin Fields: I don’t feel added pressure due to Bears QB history

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The Bears made a big move up the board in Thursday night’s first round to take quarterback Justin Fields in a move they hope that will give them a long-term answer at the quarterback position.

Every team picking a quarterback in the first round has that hope, although not all of them have been searching for that player for as long as the Bears have been searching. During a press conference on Friday, Fields was asked if he feels added pressure because of that history.

Fields said he doesn’t because he already aspired to be exactly the player that the Bears have been missing.

“I don’t think there’s pressure at all on me because I expect myself to be a franchise quarterback. There’s really no added pressure. . . . I expect myself to be a franchise quarterback and, hopefully, a top-five quarterback.” Fields said.

The Bears said on Thursday night that Andy Dalton is still the No. 1 quarterback, but that will likely be subject to change at any point. When it does, the hope in Chicago is that Fields runs with the job for a very long time.

10 responses to “Justin Fields: I don’t feel added pressure due to Bears QB history

  1. the history of Bears qbs and the added history of failed OSU qbs are definitely NOT in Fields favor… BUT HEY, at least you escaped the Jets rep of brutality at the qb position!

  2. Have the Bears ever had a good franchise QB? Play like a backup and you’ve already met their expectations for a franchise QB.

  3. His inexplicable draft day slide feels identical to Deshaun Watson’s four years ago. And a playoff team traded up to take both of them.

    And Fields is a better prospect than Watson was. It’s a great day to be a Bears fan.

  4. An Ohio State QB in Chicago. Good luck! Although the most successful QB out of OSU, Mike Tomczak, did play for the Bears.

  5. Something that might seem like a minor point, but Fields has experience playing in the bad weather that typically rolls into the Midwest come November. They wouldn’t get that with a guy out of the SEC or ACC.

  6. You should feel pressure since the history of Ohio State QB’s going to the pros is a desert.

  7. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. I just don’t get Foles, the Red Rifle, and Fields being a great 3 QB combo. But it sure looks like the Bears will have plenty of chances in the 2024 NFL Draft if this doesn’t work out.

  8. Honestly the bar is low, shouldn’t be hard to be the main guy going forward.

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