Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst: “We’re not going to trade Aaron Rodgers”

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Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants out. The Packers aren’t prepared to make that happen.

G.M. Brian Gutekunst told reporters after the first round of the draft that the Packers will not be trading Rodgers. Gutekunst also said that he believes Rodgers will play for the Packers again.

That’s no surprise. The Packers want to keep Rodgers, especially after his MVP season in 2020. The question is whether and to what extent Rodgers will begin to publicly jostle for a trade — or for the kind of contract that ties player and team together for multiple years.

Although the issues extend beyond the status of Rodgers’ contract, it’s a symptom of the deeper issue. The Packers enjoy year-to-year flexibility with Rodgers. They’d like to keep it that way. Rodgers, via the various reports that coincidentally (or not) emerged in the hours prior to the start of the draft, wants something else. He wants clarity and certainty. He wants to know that he’s not potentially in his final season with the team, that any noticeable slippage could get the Packers to decide to trade Rodgers after 2021 and to hand the keys to the offense to Jordan Love.

It’s no surprise that the Packers, who chronically have treated Rodgers like an employee, intend to continue to do so. They can, and possibly will, take a “play for us or play for no one” position with Rodgers, forcing him to decide whether to become more aggressive about the situation with (possibly) a threatened or actual holdout or retirement.

The Packers could be banking on Rodgers continuing to deal in words that reflect ambiguity and passive-aggression. He loves to send messages through carefully-chosen comments, and then he gets pissy when reporters realize what he’s actually saying, and when they say so. That approach isn’t going to get him what he wants, if as reported he wants out.

If he wants out, he needs to say something more than “my future is a beautiful mystery” or whatever else he has said in a vague way before acting like he didn’t drop a proverbial (or literal) turd in the punch bowl. Put simply, he needs to become as clear and direct about his objectives for his future football career as he’s been about his objectives for his potential career as the host of Jeopardy!

He hasn’t been afraid to say he wants that job. If he wants out of Green Bay, the time has come for him to say so.

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  1. If he wants out of Green Bay, the time has come for him to say so.


    If he wants out of Green Bay now, he shouldn’t have let the extension he demanded in 2018 as penalty for the Pack employing McCarthy to carry the dead cap ramifications this long. Aaron is smart enough to know this.

    Whether he decides to tank the season as spite to reduce the Pack’s haul next season will illuminate his true character.

  2. Unless Rodgers refuses to play for you again.
    Or if Rodgers holds out and love stinks it up and the Packers are forced to give Rodgers the farm

  3. He’s under contract thru ‘23. That means he signed it and can’t get out unless he retires. Pack has the leverage.

    Time will cool things and Rodgers will recognize what a fool he and his agent were by trying to play this card and leverage his position through the media. Just disappointed in Aaron. Man up and talk to your team that’s been loyal to you your whole career.

  4. Brian Guteknust has been a complete disaster so far. Arguably the worst GM in the league after the Jordan Love fiasco and his handling of Aaron Rodgers. Not only did he turn down the #3 overall pick for a guy that obviously isn’t coming back but then he drafts a player that was projected in the late 2nd or 3rd round. I’m not the biggest Mel Kiper fan but Eric Stokes was by far the worst player on his Big Board taken in the first round (#71). You’d think if he wanted Rodgers to stay he would have taken a receiver like Elijah Moore who fell in their lap.

  5. The Packers created this problem for themselves. Now they’re making it sound like they’d rather Rodgers retired than win for someone else. But this is what happens when people aren’t treated with respect.

  6. The problem is that the Packers haven’t surrounded him with better players. Or the problem is that he takes up too much of the cap for the Packers to afford more good players. Or something. After the Packers draft a WR tomorrow and do some maintenance with AR, we can probably shelve this until next year.

  7. I don’t think a team could handle a qb situation worse than the Texans.

    Packers Mgmt: Let’s make it a true daily double

  8. A year ago Gutekunst shocked Rodgers by trading up to draft a quarterback without telling him … and so now Rodgers returns the favor by shocking Gute by letting him know he’s not coming back. To complicate the situation, the Packers have cut 2nd string QB Tim Boyle – who has since been picked up by the Lions. As of now, this leaves the Pack with a green 2nd year man who hasn’t played even one second of NFL football – preseason or regular season. Then Rodgers wanted Gute to accept the trade to the 49ers which he refused … Rodgers may now just leave football with the Pack getting absolutely nothing for him, and having only one QB on their 2021 roster.

  9. I actually agree with one thing Florio says here(shocking to me as well) That if Aaron wants out of Green Bay then he needs to say so. My loyalty and love his 100% for the Green Bay Packers franchise and Packer Nation. I will always love and support Aaron because he is a part of Packer Nation. This is family and it is unconditional for life.

    If right now Aaron truly feels he wants to play somewhere else, then I want him to do so, and I would support that decision.

    I am far from sure though that Aaron has ever said: “I don’t want to come back to Green Bay.” If you know Aaron at all, that isn’t him. He I am sure is annoyed by some things, but I will almost guarantee he never said the words: “I don’t want to come back to Green Bay. I have to hear Aaron discuss some of this himself before any of it carries any weight with me.

    I do also very much trust in Gute, and he says that some things are being worked through and that the Packers will not be trading Aaron Rodgers. He also said he is confident that Aaron will be playing for the Packers this season. He was asked the last time he spoke to Aaron and he said they communicated today.

    I too am very confident that Aaron will play for the Packers this season, but again, I need to hear some things directly from Aaron before I have anymore thoughts on this. As Gute said: “There is a lot of false reporting going on right now.” I will not be involved in dignifying any of that with further comment at this time.



  10. The worst thing the Packers could do is keep Rodgers. Take the cap hit, get what you can in assets, and hope you drafted well with Love.

    Can the Packers keep him? Sure. It’s their right. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to sign the contract. But the downside of keeping him is you immediately and irrevocably divide the locker room and you start depreciating the value of your quarterback. The longer the Packers drag this out, the lower the return they’ll get.

  11. Now it’s gonna get even uglier, grab your popcorn Vikings, Bears, and Lions fans.

  12. If you are Aaron Rodgers and you want out of Green Bay, why would you wait until the day of the draft to announce this? It gave other teams no time to make a serious move for him and now draft picks have been made and the show has moved on and it has become even more difficult. The time to have done this would have been months before the 49ers drafted Trey Lance, not just as they were about to?

  13. It be hilarious if Rodgers just intentionally plays terrible week 1. First play of the game just tosses right to a cornerback for a pick 6.

  14. Not complex. Aaron saw the Mahomes and Prescott deals and wants a new deal. He reminds me a lot of Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh. Lots of smoke but basically he could not stand anything but being the highest paid receiver.

  15. From what I just heard, David Dunn, Aaron’s agent is fueling all of this. This is all about leverage to get Aaron a better extension than the extension the Packers offered. Aaron is indeed frustrated about the contract stuff, but has never said he does not want to play in Green Bay.

    This all will get worked out. As Gute said: Aaron is our guy and that isn’t going to change.

  16. This whole thing reminds me of nothing so much as the infamous “What Happened in Green Bay” Bleacher Report story after McCarthy was fired.

    Everyone that has gone on record up to this point has denied everything. If Rodgers publicly says he wants out, this becomes a big deal; until then, it’s all just cheap NFL fanfiction.

  17. I get that Rodgers is so concerned about alienating Packers fans that he’s hiding behind press leaks to say what he wants rather than being an adult and just saying it himself. Let’s save time for both parties: it’s too late for that. I don’t care what Rodgers wants. He signed a contract with a no-trade clause.

    Pack your bags, sunshine, and book your fall airplane ticket to Green Bay, because you ain’t going anywhere and you don’t have the guts to retire. Bluff is called.

  18. I’ve never been a big Rodgers guy. With that being said I do acknowledge the talents he has. I don’t know why the Packers haven’t tried harder to get him some better playmakers on offense. We all knew in the back of our mind the Jordan Love pick was the nail in the coffin for this marriage. I could see him ending up in Washington with Rivera if he’s doesn’t go to the west coast.

  19. Not sure I understand where you are going with this. If a message is leaking out that Rodgers wants out, and the GM is coming out saying, “we will not trade Aaron Rodgers,” then that means Rodger has made his opinion known to the people that matter.

    He doesn’t need to go on tv and announce his decision. He only needs to make his decision clear to management. Carson Palmer did the same when he decided he would no longer play for the Bengals.

  20. This post was a beautiful mystery. Still no confirmation by Rodgers that any of this is true.
    He could have wanted to “Jodie Foster” the 49ers for not taking him.

    Anyway, he will be under center for the Pack in 2021 and unless he gets hurt, dissipates, and Jordan Live does not look like S like he did in the truncated camp last year, most likely signed to a rich, longer extension.

  21. this Favreesque dance that Rodgers and Packers are doing after every season is starting to get old

  22. Something tells me Gutekunst doesn’t get the Rodgers rate when he calls Jake from State Farm.

  23. Perhaps he ought to tell them that he won’t be sacked this year as he will throw the ball away before he can be hit; that he won’t participate in any activity not required by contract or CBA; maybe hold out until the last minute to get credit for a league participation year; and, call audibles to a running play anytime the defensive setup looks like it might result in a blitz or all out rush.

  24. Last night the Packers picked yet another defensive player. It looks like they’re only interested in offensive guys if they’re in line to replace Rodgers. I can’t blame Rodgers for being driven past frustration with Gutekunst.

    Rodgers has enough money to pay back his bonus and “retire.” After a year, maybe less, the Packers will have moved on and be willing to trade him.

    But let’s forget about the Jeopardy option. Anderson Cooper blew Rodgers out of the water as a guest host. I don’t think Cooper is at all likely to become the permanent host, but his smoothness and ability to connect with the contestants highlighted the lengths Rodgers still has to go if he really wants to be a host.

  25. Alex Trebek is to Jeopardy as Freddie Mercury is to Queen, irreplaceable. That being said, although Rodgers did well, his delivery and charisma were a bit stiff and robotic at times. Jennings seemed more relaxed and was better.

  26. Then you better be prepared for him to be the new host of Jeopardy while you’re being too stubborn to realize he isn’t coming back. You had a chance to get the 3rd pick in the draft plus more and you passed. I’m just amazed they learned nothing from what happened when they drafted A-Aron to replace Brett Favre.

  27. Why should Rodgers say what he is going to do? He is under contract. He owes them nothing but to show up. GB created this mess last year when they drafted Love and basically told Rodgers you are on your way out. Rodgers became MVP and now GB has their pants down and don’t know how to get them back up without looking foolish. IF GB truly has confidence inn Love, and I doubt it, they should trade/or release Rodgers right now and move on. What would they do if Rodgers shows up, gets ready for the season, takes all the snaps and then says on September 5th “I am retiring immediately”, good bye. Would he do something like that, probably not, but would it surprise you due to the way this has played out so far.

  28. Remember when Reggie White went to Green Bay because he loved everything about it? Sounds like ancient history.

  29. Trade him. He said he doesn’t want to return. He’ll hold out and you’re done.

  30. Hard to say, but he really stuck them between a rock and a hard place a few hours before the draft. Teams are scrambling to figure stuff out. I think that they will stand pat on him unless they get blown out of the water.

  31. The likelihood that Brian Gutekunst is a moron increase significantly by the day.

  32. I’m assuming that Jim McMahon’s comment about GB “taking care of the QB” was heavy sarcasm?

  33. To make matters worse guttnick drafts the first player in the draft the analyst are saying WHO? Wow that was well thought out. No wonder rod wants to leave

  34. Since Rodgers is part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. I no longer support the Bucks.

  35. Usually I am for players sticking to the contract, but the Packers have consistently disrespected Rodgers since MM left.

    “Dont be the Problem”.
    Using the 1st and 4th round picks on a QB, who wont help Rodgers.
    Taking the ball out of his hands when the game is on the line.

    Rodgers deserves better than this.

  36. The drama queen is not going anywhere! He will be in GB again this year as it’s his best chance to get to the Super Bowl as the Packers are only a handful of draft picks from getting there again. Great pick with a speedy CB. Now get a speedy WR and a good OT, LB , Edge rusher and another CB. I bet they draft 2 WR’s yet in this draft!! The Packers really need way more defensive weapons than offensive. Their offense was awesome last year scoring an average of 30 points per game! Their defense pretty much stunk it up giving up 30 points. Rodgers knows he can’t get back to the big dance anytime soon with any other team!

  37. He’s done with you, Brian.

    The sooner you realize this is over, the better off everyone will be.

  38. To wit; Rodgers or any official representative of Rodgers, has said exactly nothing. The Packers front office is answering questions, but they’re under no obligation to do so. Until and unless Rodgers says something to support the contentions, it’s much ado about nothing.

    I will say this: Favre misplayed his role and importance with the Packers and he paid for it. If Rodgers too thinks he is bigger than the team, he’ll pay too. I admire both players and I’ll always be thankful for their contributions to the Packers, but the Packers come first. They can run it anyway they choose.

  39. Anyone saying that “The Packers have all the leverage” needs to take a quick look at the Packers QB depth chart.

    The Packers have very little leverage. And what little they do have will slip away with every week as the L column increases.

  40. I love watching the Green Bay fans turn on Rodgers. Just showing their true colors like the Green Bay front office.

    The Packers have routinely disrespected Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers has turned average GB receivers into stars solely on his own talent just like Tom Brady did in New England (minus Randy Moss). Additionally, for most of Rodgers career the Packers never had a decent running back until Jones got going a couple years ago. Rodgers has been carrying the Packers most of his career and is still playing well, but now is in the twilight of his career (Just like Matt Ryan). So, while the Packers disrespect Rodgers yet again and draft Jordan Love last year, the Atlanta Falcons are continuing to give aging Matt Ryan new toys like Kyle Pitts with the 4th overall pick. Green Bay created their own misery and now we just get to sit back and enjoy watching it. I hope Rodgers ends up with the Raiders or Denver (and hosting Jeopardy).

  41. As the comment from GB states. Rodgers does not want to leave, he wants a clarification of his role moving forward with the team. Will he be allowed to play out his contract? IS there a plan to insert Love into the lineup after this season? Rodgers is still miffed with the Niners, so they are not an option. Packers won’t trade him in-conference. That leaves the AFC, and few have the draft capital available to get him out this year. Belichick would tell him where to go, 6 other teams have no need of his drama queen services. Steelers and Raiders do, but both are cheap, and don’t have a lot to offer. Browns might be interested, or the Colts. Who ever pays up with strap the team with limited options for the length of Rodgers stay with them

  42. I hope they trade him. They have wasted his career. He should have 1 or 2 more rings. Thompson constantly fielded a team full of undrafted fa’s and acted like the salary cap was his personal bank account. Then they go 13-3 and get slaughtered in the nfc championship game and decide to trade up, lose a pick and draft a qb that won’t start for anytime soon. What kind of logic is that. It’s almost as if they’re content with making the playoffs and nothing more

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