Packers trade up to select Amari Rodgers

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There will be at least one ARod on the 2021 Packers.

Green Bay traded up from No. 92 to No. 85 overall to select Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers.

The son of former Steelers, Eagles, and Raiders quarterback Tee Martin, Rodgers caught 77 passes for 1,020 yards with seven touchdowns as a senior at Clemson. He contributed for all four years in his time at the program, winning a national championship in 2018.

The Packers are returning much of their wide receiving corps from last season, led by All-Pro Davante Adams. Devin Funchess will also return, after opting out of the 2020 season.

But the big question remains whether or not quarterback Aaron Rodgers — who reportedly wants out — will be there to throw them the ball. The Packers have also selected Georgia cornerback Eric Stokes and Ohio State center Josh Myers so far in the 2021 draft.

Green Bay traded its 92nd and 135th overall picks to the Titans to move up to No. 85.

20 responses to “Packers trade up to select Amari Rodgers

  1. There no way on God’s green (and gold!) Earth that Rodgers will be traded. They’ll make him happy, perhaps by letting go Mark Murphy who may have miscalculated how to motivate #12.

  2. At least there will be 1 Rodgers in green bay next year. Nice drafting packers!

  3. Will Jordan love throwing to this guy? I sure hope so.

  4. Figures to be a slot receiver, and had the 2nd best YAC in college last year (for whatever that’s worth). He’s not exactly quick, but if his route-running holds up, he could be a badly-needed inside target.

  5. They should just give the #12 jersey. It would save Packer fan a lot of money.

  6. This would have made The QB very happy last year. It may not matter this year.

  7. Really like both picks by the Pack this year. In fact all three picks should see the field right away this year with Myers likely a starter. Well done Gutey and team!


  8. Give the kid #12 so their fans think it’s still “the one.

  9. Pretty good draft for the Packers so far. The first 3 rounds are important to hit on. Packers did that.

  10. In case anyone is interested..

    Amari Rodgers will be wearing #8 jersey for the Packers.

    Josh Myers will be wearing #71.

    Eric Stokes will be wearing number #21


  11. The qb Rodgers isn’t going anywhere this year. Lots of hype to distract and antagonize the Packer brass. This will all get cleaned up in the wash .. with these draft picks and free agent or two getting picked up after the draft, this team is to good to tank now.

  12. Nobody knew what to expect when Favre finally departed. One eye open, one eye closed. It was exciting and nail-biting at the same time. I am already tiring of this drama, real or imagined, and fully prepared to support the Green Bay Packers. If it’s with Rodgers leading the way, that’s great. If not, good luck to him. It’s not about one guy. It wasn’t about Favre and it’s not about Rodgers. The Packers will go with whoever leads them there. Get on with it.

  13. trollaikman8 says:
    May 1, 2021 at 12:00 am
    They should just give the #12 jersey. It would save Packer fan a lot of money.

    Best idea of the day!

  14. Aaron Rodgers is due $64M in salary through 2023 when he will be 40+ years old and a remaining $23M from a $57M signing bonus. That is so much “disrespect” that it really chokes me up. Quite frankly, Rodgers needs to shut up and play his backside off because his legacy is riding in the balance. Immaterial who he wants to play for, he’s going to play for the Packers whether he likes it or not. I doubt there’s any team in the NFL that is going to assume that contract for a soon-to-be 38 year old QB and I doubt the Packers would agree to paying any portion of his remaining salary in the unlikely event he is traded.

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