Panthers pick up Sam Darnold’s 2022 option

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When the Panthers passed on taking Justin Fields and Mac Jones with the eighth pick in the first round on Thursday night, it was a pretty clear sign that they’re rolling with Sam Darnold as their quarterback for the foreseeable future.

They confirmed that on Friday by announcing that they have exercised their option on Darnold’s contract for the 2022 season. The move guarantees his $18.858 million salary for 2022 and sets him up to make over $23 million over the next two seasons.

Word that the Panthers would pick up the option came quickly after the Panthers traded three picks to the Jets for Darnold, but General Manager Scott Fitterer said only that the team’s draft choices would have no impact on the “strong plan” they had in place for the quarterback.

Carolina also confirmed that they have exercised wide receiver DJ Moore‘s $11.116 million option.

23 responses to “Panthers pick up Sam Darnold’s 2022 option

  1. The day after they don’t take a 1st round QB…sigh of relief from Samuel Richard Darnold.

  2. Sam Darnold is a nice guy, it is easy to pull for him to succeed. However, in three seasons he hasn’t given any real indication that he is a franchise QB. The Panthers are probably going to regret not grabbing Fields or Jones in the first round.

  3. That was a horrible bluff by Carolina. Pretty sure everyone saw them trying to up the value of their pick.

    Who here didn’t know that Sam’s option was going to be picked up as soon as Carolina picked at 8?

  4. Their GM will be fired after 2022 for failing to draft a QB and going with Darnold who will be at best a below average QB. Do you want a QB a step below Andy Dalton?

  5. Check down Darnold. Expect a lot of short passes to McCaffrey while down 17 points in the 3rd quarter. That combination will be fantasy gold but not lead to many Panther Ws.

  6. Darnold, Grier & PJ Walker…now that’s a Super Bowl level QB room.

    Group totals: TD Passes – 46 / INTs – 48

  7. Sam Darnold was picked ahead of Josh Allen for one, and considered by many to be the best QB in his draft class. Now is the time for him to show it with a REAL Head Coach and a REAL supporting cast. He is likely a better QB than anyone picked last night other than Lawrence.

  8. @corkspop…apparently you never watched Darnold in college. In the words of Denny Green, he is who we thought he is.

  9. Darnold is a complete bust that everyone makes excuses for. I had to laugh when my fellow Eagles fans were pretending he would be an upgrade over Wentz! Based on what? Even in Wentz’s only poor season 2020 he still had better stats than Sam Darnold!

  10. If Darnold is poor this year the Panthers will regret not taking Fields or Jones. If Darnold is good his salary for 2022 is going to explode which is another reason they should’ve taken Fields or Jones – a rookie contract.

  11. As a panther fan passing on the 2 first round qbs was very disheartening but always round two Kyle Trask!!

  12. Love what Carolina is doing with Darnold.
    As all the draft experts were saying that they believed Darnold was the third best quarterback available behind Lawrence and Wilson.
    They didn’t have to give up a #1 to get him.
    He is only 23 which is one year younger then Burrows and yet he still has three years experience in the league.

    Darnold needs a chance – the Jets “opportunity” was more of a execution then a fair trial.

  13. I dont have any skin in the game but im pulling for darnold. Idk if hes good or not but id like to see him turn it around cuz it appears he was set up to fail in ny with gase “the offensive genius”….lmao 🤣….as his coach. Hopefully saleh will do a better job with his brand new qb.

  14. The only question is why? Have they not watched him play? I’ve seen Darnold play one good game his entire career. He is terrible.

  15. If Fields lights it up and Darnold flounders, there will be some ‘splaining to do in Carolina.

  16. Darnold had no chance for success in NY. He’s a very good QB, with an opportunity now to show that he’s worthy of being the Franchise QB in Carolina.

  17. I dont like the Darnold trade at all! Darnold make a lie out of me this season!!!

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