Rashod Bateman: I can bring offense everything Lamar Jackson needs

Michigan v Minnesota
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The Ravens have been working to improve the effectiveness of their passing offense the last couple of years and they tried to take a step in that direction on Thursday night.

Wide receiver Rashod Bateman was the first of their two first-round picks and he met with the media in Baltimore on Friday. Bateman was asked what he can do to help quarterback Lamar Jackson when they get on the field together later this year.

“Everything he needs,” Bateman said. “I feel like I’m an all-around receiver, proved I can play inside and in the slot. At he same time, I just want to be what’s best for him, what’s best for the team. Whatever position that may be, I’m happy to fill that role.”

Bateman had 147 catches for 2,395 yards and 19 touchdowns while at Minnesota and is the second wideout the team’s drafted in the first round over the last three years. They’ve chosen two more in the third round and added Sammy Watkins as a free agent as part of their ongoing quest for bigger production through the air.

13 responses to “Rashod Bateman: I can bring offense everything Lamar Jackson needs

  1. Ravens fans always cringe when we take a WR in Rd 1, but ya gotta keep trying.

  2. Gophers and Vikings fan here. Bateman is the real deal. Natural hands catcher, runs good routes, creates separation, good leaping, and decent speed. The Buccs took Tyler Johnson, Bateman’s old teammate, last year and although both are great college receivers, Bateman is the one who has the skill set to become elite at the NFL level. This guy touches the ball and good things happen. Good luck to the Ravens, they’ve found their #1 receiver for Lamar.

  3. This guy is going to be a QB whisperer. Hes going to teach lamar to throw outside the numbers? The scheme isn’t going to lead to 1,600 yard years. Just like my fellow browns fans thinking obj is turning back the clock to ’16 with Chubb n Hunt.

  4. This was a good pick by the Ravens. Solid, hard-working receiver, precise route runner.
    The problem is the QB can’t deliver the ball on time and accurately. So it kind of unravels the potential value of the pick.
    Lamar basically needs 3 TEs on every set who can block for him to run, and every now and then throw 5 or 6 yd slant or stick routes. Anything more sophisticated than that doesn’t work. We’ve had years of watching him at this point. He can’t throw.

  5. The fourth year is suppose to be when the game begins to slow down, when their ability to read the flow of the game fast enough to make the right decisions before the pocket collapses. Jackson is no longer the one-read-and run QB of his first year, but still needs work. This year is when the Ravens decide on a big contract, or not.

  6. I hear you, Old Grouch. The Ravens have drafted the pieces everyone has been using as excuses to defend Lamar’s terrible playoff history.
    So after this season, when he throws for 180 yards a game and flames out in the post-season again, would you pay him $40mm a year and totally mess up your cap situation and ironically have to get rid of expensive players over time that you needed in order to make him better in the playoffs?
    It’s a really tough position to be in. But it’s an easy answer if your goal is truly to win a Super Bowl.

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