Ron Rivera: Not trading up for QB was better direction for us

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Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera said earlier this month that he didn’t feel any pressure to get a franchise quarterback right now and the team’s approach to the first round of the draft illustrated that feeling.

Justin Fields and Mac Jones fell out of the Top 10 and the Bears, who were originally one pick behind Washington, moved up to halt Fields’ slide. Washington stood pat at No. 19, however, and watched as Jones went to New England at No. 15.

Washington selected linebacker Jamin Davis and Rivera explained the team’s thinking in a press conference after that selection.

“Well, we just felt looking at where we are right now with what we’re doing to be patient to sit and wait to see what happens, we felt strong about that,” Rivera said. “This isn’t just about one piece, we have a chance to put pieces into place and we felt that a better direction, at least I felt that’s a better direction for us right now.”

General Manager Martin Mayhew said “there are some very talented quarterbacks” still on the board heading into the second round, but that the team remains comfortable with the players they have at the position and will follow their board the rest of the way.

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  1. If there is one thing Rivera knows it’s defense and defensive talent. It’s never a bad thing to improve on your strengths. A trade for Julio jones would set Washington’s offense up nice with McClaurin and Samuel in the mix. Either way you slice it I see Washington at 10 wins this year battling for the division.

  2. Well he’ll regret that move when in 2022 we see Fitzpatrick leave and we are back picking at 16 with no quarterback

  3. As a WFT fan, I’m fine with Davis as the pick at 19. RR and JDR know LBs, so I trust them on that.

    The real question is will Mac Jones or Justin Fields turn into star QBs. If either one does, then this pick was a mistake because both of them could have been taken with a trade up (Chicago demonstrated that trading up was possible from that position).

    QB is by far the most important position on any team. Right now, we don’t have a SB-caliber QB. If we passed on one of those, it is a huge mistake. We’ll see.

    And yes, they could still take a QB in the later rounds. But history says they usually don’t work out…even less than 1st round QBs who have at least a 50% chance of not working out. So I’d rather they not even bother with a QB in this draft now.

  4. They are going to grab Mariota at some point, either next year in FA or in a trade tonight.

  5. There is always a GEM at QB beyond round 1 of the NFL draft. Let’s see if the Bears can find him, stay tuned.

  6. Rivera truly has diamond hands. Knows how to hold his position. Love the direction of my team.

  7. It’s great to see Washington finally being run like a professional organization. They are making a lot of under the radar roster moves that don’t cost a lot but upgrade spots of need. Moving up for a QB was going to be too costly. Since Rivera knows LBs the Davis pick should turn out well for the team at a position of real need. I could see the Football Team grabbing Mond or Mills at QB if one of them falls in round 2.

  8. When Jones dropped to the Vikings’ pick I knew they would trade back because I figured Washington and New England would both be trying to get him. They traded back but not with either one of those teams. It would be interesting to know if there were any discussions with Washington because you’d think they would at least look into it.

  9. Jake1057 says:
    April 30, 2021 at 8:53 am

    There is always a GEM at QB beyond round 1 of the NFL draft. Let’s see if the Bears can find him, stay tuned.

    There’s a lot wrong with this statement.

  10. There’s always good players to pick in the first round to make you want to skip the QBs, but at some point you need to get a QB. Winning without a real QB is really hard. Trust me, I’m a Bears fan – we know.

  11. I don’t get what Rivera’s plan is to get a QB. If they win 8-10 games with Fitzpatrick, which seems reasonable, they won’t be in position in next year’s draft. Then what? The history of 2nd round QBs is abominable.

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