Saints add cornerback Paulson Adebo

Arizona v Stanford
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The Saints waited longer than most expected them to, but they’ve finally drafted a cornerback.

With the 76th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Saints selected Stanford cornerback Paulson Adebo.

Saints coach Sean Payton acknowledged last week that the Saints had to add a cornerback before training camp, and now they’ve done so. The Saints lost starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins in free agency, and they’d love to see Adebo take his place.

Whether Adebo will be ready to start as a rookie remains to be seen, but the Saints certainly believe he has the potential to get significant playing time right off the bat.

3 responses to “Saints add cornerback Paulson Adebo

  1. I would have to say that they just were complacent in their picks, especially the 1st. If you look up both the LB and CB they are not bad players, but Jabril Cox has a better rating than the LB that they picked.
    I’m convinced that the Saints do not like SEC players. They do have a couple on the roster but they go out of their way not to draft them. Now if they are from anywhere around Illinios, Ohio area than look no further.

  2. If you look at the Saints draft history. They have one of the best track records when they draft someone much higher than expected or when drafting from small schools.

    Their record isn’t as good when they draft highly rated draft picks in the appropriate rounds.

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