Shad Khan: This time, I got it right


Shad Khan has overseen several regime changes since he bought the Jaguars back in 2012.

He’s now put Urban Meyer in place as head coach, Trent Baalke as General Manager, and Trevor Lawrence as the team’s hopeful franchise quarterback.

Why will this group be the one that makes Jacksonville a consistent winner?

“This time, I got it right,” Khan said during Lawrence’s introductory press conference on Friday.

Any owner would say that just after hiring a new coach and G.M. along with selecting a QB with the first overall pick of the draft. But in answering why he thinks this is the right group for Jacksonville, Khan cited his process in making all his decisions.

“[F]or me, it’s like as an owner, you’re sitting on that knife’s edge of micromanagement and abdication. How do you strike that balance? So, [it’s] learning from experience,” Khan said. “But starting off, we have the opportunity to go with winners and let them build.”

Meyer has built winners at the college level. Lawrence won plenty at the high school and college level. Baalke built an NFC conference champion.

Time will tell if they’ll be able to find success together in Jacksonville.