Terry Fontenot: We coveted Kyle Pitts for a long time

2021 NFL Draft
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Tight ends don’t usually come off the board at No. 4 overall, but that’s exactly where the Falcons landed Kyle Pitts.

It was the earliest a tight end had been selected in the common draft era, which began in 1967.

Pitts was widely regarded as one of the best non-quarterbacks available in this year’s draft class. With quarterbacks taken with the first three picks, Atlanta took advantage of its enviable draft position to bring in a strong offensive weapon.

“[We] coveted that player for a long time, his skill set, the talent is clear and what he’s going to bring on the field and he’s also a tremendous young man,” Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot said, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN. “Every exposure, every opportunity to spend time with him and talk with him and all the research, he’s got high character, so exactly what we want to build this program on.”

Pitts joins an offense that — at least for now — also features Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley as its top receivers. But with the Falcons signaling they’re open to trading Jones, Pitts and Ridley may be quarterback Matt Ryan‘s best pass-catching options by the time Week 1 rolls around.

3 responses to “Terry Fontenot: We coveted Kyle Pitts for a long time

  1. I hope they can make it work to keep Julio. If they do, that is a filthy passing attack they will have in the A. Mike Davis can run free when the D has to decide which one of those WR/TEs to cover. Stay tuned!

  2. Picking a TE that early is pretty nuts. Unless he is your primary target in the passing game it doesn’t really make sense. Pitts is basically a receiver only. His blocking is mediocre. Making Pitts your primary target on a team with Julio Jones & Calvin Ridley again doesn’t make sense. There is a reason teams rarely choose TEs in the top 5 or 6 in the draft. The last 2 examples I can think of were Kellen Winslow Jr & Vernon Davis. Neither player lived up to their draft status. The few times TEs were picked that high in the modern draft era hasn’t been good for the teams drafting those TEs.

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