Tom Brady jokes with Julian Edelman about playing in Tampa

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The NFL supplements its on-air draft coverage with an online draft-a-thon. Last night’s session included Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and retired Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, among others.

When pressed by Deion Sanders about letting Edelman retire before trying to get him to come to Tampa, Brady said this about whether Edelman is truly retired: “We know Julian didn’t retire. Let’s be honest. He’s just too scared to tell Bill [Belichick] he wants to come to Tampa. . . . I’ve been there.”

Brady seemed to be joking. Unless of course he wasn’t.

Kevin Hart then pressed Edelman on whether the retirement was a Gronk-style precursor to a return to football. Edelman evaded the question, saying to Hart, “It’s always great to have someone in shorter than you.”

Although it’s fun to think about Edelman joining the Buccaneers, the prevailing thought is that he’s truly done. Just like the prevailing thought as of two years ago was that Gronk is done.

12 responses to “Tom Brady jokes with Julian Edelman about playing in Tampa

  1. One of my favs to watch. Tough SOB. Super Bowl LIII MVP. Would love to see him play again – anywhere.

  2. I think Edelman is truly done. He has a lot to look forward to in the media world and, let’s face it, about the last thing the Bucs need is another receiver–especially one with a knee that probably isn’t going to get a lot better with just time off.

  3. Don’t need that chatter. They have two up and coming young receivers already on their roster.

  4. Just like the prevailing thought as of two years ago was that Gronk is done.
    Was that really the prevailing thought or just the thought here? Thru Gronks entire mini retirement he was repeatedly asked by the media about coming back and there were multiple stories about supposedly taking a break from past physicality of the NFL. In addition to media talking heads he was continually drafted by fans in dynasty leagues to where his ADP actually stayed pretty respectable SOOOOOOOOO none of that sounds like him truly being retired was the prevailing thought.

  5. Edelman was a great player but let’s face it his body is done. Kevin Hart would be a more productive offensive weapon at this point.

  6. nite2al says:
    April 30, 2021 at 11:40 am
    No joke, cheaters unite.
    When your team is a perpetual cellar dweller and can’t compete, accuse the Kings of the hill of cheating.

  7. I have to imagine that they talked about it and that’s why they only just resigned AB now. They wanted to check out Edelman’s knee or get an eval on it while talking to him before officially offering AB a contract.

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