Trade down with Bears too good an opportunity for Dave Gettleman to pass up

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s unwillingness to trade back in the first round has been a running theme of his tenure with the NFC East team and his previous stint with the Panthers, but he insisted last week that it was an “urban myth” and that his position is that he won’t get “fleeced” in order to make a deal happen.

On Thursday night, Gettleman got an offer from the Bears that he didn’t judge to be an attempt to fleece him and pulled the trigger for the first time. He got the 20th pick, a 2021 fifth-rounder, a 2022 first-rounder, and a 2022 fourth-rounder from the Bears in exchange for the 11th pick.

“Obviously it was too good an opportunity,” Gettleman said. “It added too much value, and we felt very comfortable with where our board was and we felt comfortable with who would be there, who would be available in that slot. So, we made it. We did it. We added a one and a four next year. Another pick for this year and another pick for next year. We were very pleased we were able to make the play.”

Gettleman said he prized the picks in 2022 because “there’s a lot of unknowns” about this year’s prospects as a result of COVID-19’s impact on the pre-draft scouting process.

The Giants took wide receiver Kadarius Toney with the 20th pick.

20 responses to “Trade down with Bears too good an opportunity for Dave Gettleman to pass up

  1. This clown is way overestimating his Haul. He is acting like he just got 3 1st round picks

  2. This would be a good trade IF he had made a strong pick at 20, but he didn’t. The Giants don’t need another receiver, they needed an OL or an EDGE. Should have stayed put and taken Slater.

  3. Giants have been telegraphing picks for years. Philly has been jumping them for years.

    This is Jermey Maclin Deja Vu. As soon as Mara opened his mouth, I knew it was over.

    PS: The consolation prize was that Gettleman did not panic and actually did the right thing (for like, the first time EVER).

  4. since the Bears don’t understand how the whole draft system works to begin with why not?

  5. Great trade but bad pick at #20. Toney is Percy Harvin 2.0. Small, fragile and a very questionable attitude/character.

  6. GM-speak for: “and besides, after we go 4-12 and dump Daniel Jones, my successor is going to need two first round picks in 2022”

  7. bears lost this trade. gave up next years first round pick for Trubisky 2.0

  8. Cannot help but feel both teams won this trade to an extent. If the Giants still land a good OT in round 2 this will be a great trade for them. Toney is a great talent if used in a way that can get the most out of him. He seems like an ATH position player that never really became a WR in college. If he learns to run routes more, he could be even better. However, as is he is a dangerous player with the ball in his hands.

  9. I remember watching as the trade and the Bears’ pick was announced, and then watching who was taken before the Giants could finally pick. From what I saw, and from what I saw of the Giants’ draft needs, I think they got exactly who they were going to take at 11, just a few picks later (and thus at a slightly reduced salary). Also, given what the teams from 12 through 19 were looking for, it was also a very low-risk trade.

    I’m not a Giants fan, but this truly is a move I have to admire.

  10. Bears were bidding against themselves. The WFT was the other team in need and I doubt another OSU QB would have gone over well. He might have actually fallen to both teams. BB was drafting Jones, not Fields.

    I would think the WFT would have drafted Fields had he been there at 19. Rivera isn’t stupid but he already had a similar version in Newton, a failed OSU QB in Haskins and so, who knows.

    PS: if Philly didn’t lay down, the WFT would have been picking 11 and THAT would have been REALLY interesting.

  11. Desperate teams take desperate measures and make no mistake, the Bears were desperate. The only way they win this trade is if Fields becomes a starter soon, plays at a high level, and the Bears win at least one playoff game this season to ensure the 1st rounder they gave in ’22 is low. If they get anything less than this out of that, they overpaid.

  12. This was a wise move. Giants wanted either Waddle or Smith and they needed a speed guy that can make plays. Toney can do this. So, for example, instead of getting Smith, you get Toney, a 5th this year and 1st and 4th next year. When you look at it like this, it’s a great trade especially since the guys you wanted were gone.

  13. If Philly didn’t fold in week 17, the Giants would have picked at 20 to begin with. Philly basically gave the Giants an extra 1st in 2022. Thanks!

  14. @ xofdallas says:
    April 30, 2021 at 9:13 am

    “from what I saw of the Giants’ draft needs, I think they got exactly who they were going to take at 11”

    This is absolutely false, the Giants wanted DeVonte Smith and expected Dallas to take a Defensive player. When the Eagles leapfrogged them their entire board went the h3ll and they had to pivot. They took a swiss army player, who really isn’t a WR . . . those players are nice to steal in the 3rd round or to luck into on day 3 . . . rarely are they a first round pick and while the trade was a great pivot, the selection was absolutely horrible.

  15. I’m OK with the trade, but would rather have seen them take Darrisaw for the OLine. They could have considered putting him at LT and moving Thomas to RT and Peart to G, or Darrisaw at RT…they would have had options. But I dont know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe Darrisaw’s agent told teams he’d only play LT and Thomas didn’t want to move. We as fans don’t know these things. We just have to trust the decision makers. It does seem like Toney is “just a guy” though. Hard to get excited. Who will be the starting guards for this team ?

  16. i think it was a great trade…the bears are either gonna have andy dalton or a rookie from failed qb U as their starter, that first next year is gonna be top 10 for sure

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