Trey Lance hopes to get to know, get close with Jimmy Garoppolo

2021 NFL Draft
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If Trey Lance is competing with Jimmy Garoppolo for the 49ers’ starting quarterback job, Lance wants it to be a friendly competition.

Asked if he expects to play right away or have a redshirt year while Garoppolo is starting, Lance said that his current aim is just to get to know his new teammate.

“Honestly, I’m not really worried about it right now,” Lance said. “Right now. I’m just focused on getting there, learning as much as I possibly can. Getting to know Jimmy and the guys in the room and learning. Getting to know him, becoming close with him and like I said, just learning as much as I can. Then at that point, obviously competing.”

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan has said it will be hard for Lance to win a competition with Garoppolo, but obviously the 49ers would not have traded up for Lance if they did not think he would eventually be better than Garoppolo. Lance is slated to supplant Garoppolo at some point, and the only question is how soon.

38 responses to “Trey Lance hopes to get to know, get close with Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. I’m a big niner fan but good luck with that.
    Unless jimmy g has the makeup of an Alex smith.

  2. Why? That’s weird.

    The awkward tension will serve them both better as they compete against each other.

  3. And first thing Jimmy G did was ask for his cell number, called him up and welcomed him to the team. Class act. No friction. As it should be. The only drama is coming from Hot take posts.

  4. Lance is a strong, fast, smart guy that lacks experience. He’s sit behind Garoppolo and will learn. The Niners offense is very complicated, and this will allow the kid to watch and learn before being thrown into the fire.

  5. Three firsts and a third for a NDST qb that has played a total of 17 football games in his life. Thats awesome for the rest of the NFC West. Seems like a great kid though.

  6. Trey has character and talent. He basically has a redshirt year to learn from Jimmy G. Who knows with Jimmy G’s injury history he may get some reps this year. If Garrapalo has a big year and stays healthy he will land on his get with another team next season.

  7. Jimmy also knows what it’s like to work under a guy that most likely didn’t mentor him that much so it could go either way.

  8. Everytime someone from Santa Clara opens their mouth about this pick it feels more and more like a slimy sales pitch.

  9. Jimmy’s got some new moves, Jimmy couldn’t jump, Jimmy might have a compound fracture, Jimmy’s going into shock, Ooohhh!!!!! Jimmy’s down, Jimmy holds grudges, let Jimmy go…, Jimmy and misunderstanding kinda clash, that’s the guy who sidelined Jimmy, that’s the guy who took the bread out of Jimmy’s mouth. Jimmy’s out of work because of you.., hands off Jimmy, don’t touch Jimmy, let go of Jimmy.

  10. So strange that Fields was not the choice. Fields is just as athletic, but has far more experience against NFL caliber players.
    Lance is all maybe, where Fields is all been there, done that.

  11. Hopefully Jimmy G can react like Joe Montana did to Steve Young’s arrival and raise his performance to an untouchable level. The reason why Joe Montana is known as the GOAT or was known as the GOAT is because Steve Young took his spot in ‘88, and when Montana got back on the field he raised his level of play to such and incredible Level that Walsh and Holmgren didn’t consider putting Steve Young again….until Montana got injured again, when Montana healed Steve Young was balling so hard under Mike Shanahan that Golden Joe how to go.

    Moral of the story is – Let competition be the fuel that propels you to greatness. Alex Smith played perfect football when Kap was breathing down his back, when he got injured Kap balled outta control to keep the spot with Alex on the sidelines ready to step in. Iron sharpens iron. Competition is a blessing if you seek greatnesses, and it’s a curse if you’re complacent.

  12. the kid knows that starting next year-2022-he’ll be the starter. he can afford to be magnanimous and pick up some info.

  13. Montana had 2 Super bowl wins before Young was even a USFL player. I appreciate the competition factor, but to say Montana was the GOAT solely because he had competition with Steve Young is laughable. Bottom line… Steve was very good…, not anywhere near Joes level.. and joe knew it. Injuries were the key factor in going to Steve at all. Disagree

  14. Jimmy G has class and knows he will get another job somewhere as a starter if he handles it well. Trey Lance will be very exciting to watch and see how he turns out.

  15. Not quite as bad as the Ricky Williams trade BUT 2nd worst in history… practically predictable outcome…

  16. The kid is a great athlete, but he’ll have to learn how to play QB in the big leagues. There’s no better coach than Kyle Shanahan to make that happen. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be interesting to watch. I’ve seen Kyle get two different QB’s to super bowls, and neither were elite.

  17. So weird that the team that “fleeced” Ryan Pace 4 years ago has now paid a much steeper price than Pace did to draft the EXACT SAME player. Still can’t get over that.

  18. Offer to help him move that’s your most guaranteed way to spend time with him before he’s no longer a 49er

  19. Getting to know you…getting to know all about you….

    Better make it quick, he’s gone the second a team offers anything close to value.

  20. Tom Brady locked Jimmy G out of the TB12 facility in Foxborough, so what do you think Jimmy G is going to do?

  21. bassplucker says:
    April 30, 2021 at 2:23 pm
    So weird that the team that “fleeced” Ryan Pace 4 years ago has now paid a much steeper price than Pace did to draft the EXACT SAME player. Still can’t get over that.

    Speaks with such authority!! As if you know how to spell QB.

    Let’s be clear, niners didn’t do well with those picks and bears didn’t do well with the QB. We’ll just have to wait and see how Lance turns out. If there is one big difference and big advantage, Lance is walking into a good situation with a team that is loaded and will make it easier on him (if they are healthy). Shanahan is a good QB teacher and has made mediocre QB play better.

  22. My high esteem for Kyle Shanahan has taken a pretty good hit. I’m not convinced he didn’t trade that haul for another QB and then got excited by Lance’s pro day. Plus he handled the situation with Garoppolo horrendously. Not impressive. He better hope Trey can play.

  23. Sorry the niners aren’t going to win a Superbowl any time soon. They totally choked the last trip they made there. The coaching staff. Just isnt ready for the big time.

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