Vikings select Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond in third round

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The Vikings have Klint Kubiak as their offensive coordinator. Kubiak’s father, Gary, played quarterback at Texas A&M and began his coaching career with the Aggies.

The younger Kubiak now has a Texas A&M quarterback to groom.

The Vikings used the 66th overall choice, the second pick in the third round, on Kellen Mond.

After five quarterbacks were taken in the first round, the drama built for who would be the sixth. It was Florida’s Kyle Trask, but he had to wait until the final choice of the second round when he went to the Bucs.

Two choices later, the Vikings took Mond and then the Texans followed with Stanford’s Davis Mills.

Mond can sit behind and learn from Kirk Cousins, who has two years left on his contract.

Mond threw for 2,282 yards with 19 touchdowns and three interceptions in 10 games last season. For his career, he threw for 9,661 yards and 71 touchdowns.

24 responses to “Vikings select Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond in third round

  1. Outstanding considering they did not have to trade up in the first round for this pick.

  2. The Vikings did something smart. He can sit for a couple of years to learn, then come in after Cousins leaves. After all those QBs were taken in the 1st, half of which probably won’t cut it, Spielman didn’t have to trade back into the 2nd round. He still has all those 3rd round picks.

  3. Fire Rick Speil…wait, he competently made a decision drafting a potential steal with Mond in the 3rd? Good for you, Viking fans!

  4. if the vikings ever give cousins a competent oline, mond will never see the field. so not sure why it was a good pick. unless you’re confident they’ll never figure out pass blocking, so everybody can keep blaming cousins till he’s replaced.

  5. Mond is already better than the packers first round bust Jordan “i can’t dress on sundays ” love.

  6. This is fantastic! I really love these athletic QB projects like..

    Tavaris Jackson.. er, I mean
    Joe Web.. er, I mean
    Teddy Bridgewater.. er, I mean

    Yeah, this’ll go well this time for sure.

  7. I’ve been a Vikings fan my whole life. I’ve sat through all these years of mediocrity at QB. I’ll be rooting for Mond like I have for everybody else… But COME ON BUDDY. He throws like Gumby.

  8. Every year on draft day I keep hearing how the NFL is trending toward a more athletic QB, and every year on Super Bowl Sunday I keep seeing Tom Brady hoist another Lombardi Trophy. Should we believe our ears or our eyes?

  9. Monday has pro potential. I am surprised he was on the board until then.

  10. With our historic success at drafting QBs, he’s a sure bet to take us to another super bowl victory!

  11. Anyone trying to throw shade by comparing GB’s pick of Love & this pick is abject moron.

    Everyone knows Rodgers was upset by the Packers trading up for a developmental QB vs. getting “help now” for an aging HoFer leading a playoff ready team. Rumor has it that they were trying to target WR’s Jefferson & Aiyuk, only to be rebuked by the Vikings to trade out of the pick & the 9ers besting them by jumping in front of GB. Literally, outside a special teamer, ANY position was a better political pick than a developmental QB. Now, the entire world knows what intelligent football fans have known for a while: Rogers wants OUT of cow town.

    The Vikes had bevy of 3rd Round & 4th Round picks. So, taking a developmental QB at that spot is a wise move, IF the team believes that draft pundits like Chris Simms say he is the 4th best QB in this draft.

    Also, some moron said, “If they had him at the 4th best QB, why didn’t they draft him in round 1?” Because that is not where his draft value was graded! That’s why people say “reach!” when a team does that. They knew they could obtain the player at a lower cost.

    Many of you need to read more, comment less.

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