What is (or was) Aaron Rodgers looking for in a new contract?

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The unresolved contract situation involving Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was more of a symptom than a root cause of the lingering problems between player and team. However, the two parties had been negotiating a new deal.

This implies that negotiations could have resulted in a new contract. Which also implies that, if an agreement could have been reached that ties Rodgers to the Packers for the next three years or longer, then everything could have been resolved.

The fact that the two sides have reached an impasse has taken the situation to Defcon 1. If a contactual impasse hadn’t been reached, logic suggests that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t want out.

So what would it have taken to get a deal done? At a minimum, Rodgers wanted to shatter the year-to-year flexibility that the Packers currently possess. Whether it’s a two- or a three-year thing, Rodgers hoped for something that would have removed the uncertainty that necessarily flows from the presence of Jordan Love.

But it’s more than security and commitment. Money has something to do with it, too. And not just for money’s sake. At a time when Rodgers has felt chronically disrespected by the front office, the front office had a way to show him respect.

You show him respect by taking his current contract, which carries a new-money average of $33.5 million (same as Jared Goff and Carson Wentz) and you increase it. Significantly.

How significantly? Well, Rodgers was the best player in the NFL last year. And the highest paid player in the NFL makes $45 million per year. And a league source tells PFT that, at one point during the talks, Rodgers’ representatives asked for Rodgers to be the highest-paid player in football.

Pandemic, schmandemic. The Packers enjoyed record revenues in their most recently completed fiscal year, generating $70 million in raw profit for a team with no owner to use it to buy super-yacht. With no owner, the most important person in the entire corporation was been, and still is, Rodgers. And if he believes he’s been disrespected (most notably by the selection of Jordan Love in round one a year ago), what better way to command respect than to demand Patrick Mahomes money, plus at least one dollar?

Yes, Rodgers always has agreed to ultra-long extensions when he could have played it like Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott, declining offers, forcing franchise tags, and ultimately squeezing top dollar. Regardless, Rodgers is squeezing now. The fact that it didn’t work at the bargaining table means that the squeezing will have to happen elsewhere.

And it is, even if he has yet to admit that it is.

17 responses to “What is (or was) Aaron Rodgers looking for in a new contract?

  1. Money. It’s what we all work for. You can attach whatever labels you want and call it whatever you will (respect, recognition, etc.) but it boils down to money.

  2. Do you think Tom Brady has lost even a minute of sleep over the tens of millions he’s left on the table over the years? If you’re A-Aron, you need to decide if you want to be surrounded with weapons, or if you want a ridiculous amount of cash. It’s nearly impossible to have both.

  3. Just end it GB and start Love. At this point, Rodgers is gonna eat half the cap.

  4. Rodgers has been paid $240.9 MILLION in his time at GB. Stop with the “he’s been disrepected” angle.

    As for the recent “never wants to play for GB again” reports, strange that he would still be NEGOTIATING a contract with a team he doesn’t like.

  5. When Rodgers himself talks about it, I’ll listen. Nobody has called it correctly about Rodgers from the outside looking in, ever.

  6. I don’t think he even cares about the contract… He just wants to play somewhere else.

  7. Pack disrespected AR last year by drafting Love, so he said, “watch this” and won the MVP. Now he gets to rub their nose in it.
    You reap what you sow.

  8. Here’s the difference between Mahomes and Rodgers – about 12 years. Do we need to mention that Green Bay has already made Rodgers the highest paid player twice (in 2013 and again in 2018), with 100 million in guaranteed money in the 2018 extension? Did he earn that? Sure. But at age 35, Green Bay did give him the richest contract in NFL history, and Rodgers knew that would take him to age 40. By all indications in 2018 and 2019, his play was regressing from his stellar peak, so drafting Love made a lot of sense for the team, if they thought he could be the next franchise QB. If drafting Love prior to last season is what it took to get Rodgers to play at the MVP level he did last year, a) that was worth a 1st round pick by itself, and b) Rodgers has a real problem with finding the proper motivation. If cutting Love now would made Rodgers happy at this point, then throwing away the 2020 1st round pick would be worth it if Rodgers would deliver solid QB play for the duration of his contract, but honestly, how many years past age 40 is Green Bay really supposed to commit to him? If he never plays another down, fine. If Green Bay can get a kings’ ransom for him, fine, but no way I’d let him dictate terms to the team. If Stafford was worth 2 #1’s a #3 and a decent QB, Rodgers is easily worth 3 #1’s plus a high mid-round pick or two. Short of that, he can either play or retire and give a big chunk of that bonus money back.

  9. Brady personifies Team. Rodgers personifies me, ego or whatever you want to call it. One the GOAT of all time, the other a very good player who in the end won’t be mentioned in the top 10…..while Mahomes certainly will!

  10. tjdvikes says: “Pack disrespected AR last year by drafting Love, so he said, “watch this” and won the MVP.”

    Well, if that’s the only way for him to perform at his best, then the Packers should be drafting 1st round QB EVERY year.

  11. So Rodgers wants the Packers GM to put more people around him to win a Superbowl…. but then is asking for a significant pay increase? I’m not sure what Rodgers is really asking for, but I can’t believe he’d be that insane.

  12. In reply to usdiver96 position to play hard ball with Rodgers. Are you taking into account the next 5-7 years of losing football. Based on past history when Rodgers got hurt the Packers became a 5-6 win team.

    This situation with Rodgers points out the real weakness of the Packers: they have no owner who can step in and overrule top management who seem to like playing this cat and mouse game with the best player in the game. Rodgers stands between Green Bay being a playoff team or one with one of the top picks in next years draft.

    Five years from now when Rodgers is retired after leading another team to the playoffs and perhaps a super bowl win. On the other hand, Green Bay will probably still be looking for another franchise quarterback while suffering 5 losing seasons with and without Love.

  13. When the Packers drafted a QB in the first round last year, they made the decision to part ways with Rodgers. Every other NFL team signs their QBs to long term deals. The Packers are just playing games hoping that the fans and media fall for their ruse. The Packers threw the first punch, and it was a haymaker.

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