Brian Gutekunst hopes everyone’s pleased with Amari Rodgers pick

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Thursday’s flurry of reports about quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ displeasure with the Packers and desire to play elsewhere has loomed over everything the team has done during the first two days of the draft.

That includes the decision to trade up to take wide receiver Amari Rodgers — no relation to Aaron, but he is the son of Ravens wide receivers coach Tee Martin — in the third round. It’s the highest pick the Packers have used on a wideout since taking Davante Adams in the second round in 2014 and it came after years of discussion about the lack of picks used at the position.

Some might see the move as an attempt to address Aaron Rodgers’ issues, but General Manager Brian Gutekunst said he hopes for a positive reaction from a larger audience.

“I hope everybody on our team and within our building is excited about adding Amari,” Gutekunst said, via “I think it was something we wanted to add — we’ve wanted to add for a few years — that guy that can play inside and do some returning. So yeah, I hope everybody’s pleased with it.”

Gutekunst said Thursday that the Packers, who also drafted center Josh Myers Friday, will not trade Aaron Rodgers this offseason. If that remains the case and Rodgers remains in Green Bay, Rodgers-to-Rodgers will be something the Packers hope to see plenty of in 2021.

11 responses to “Brian Gutekunst hopes everyone’s pleased with Amari Rodgers pick

  1. He has talent but can he perform against much better competition in the NFL.hopefully he will shine.

  2. Gute knows I LOVE all 3 picks on day one and two.

    Eric Stokes has a lot going for him. Lightning speed and a aggressive CB. I feel Eric can become a elite CB in the league.

    Josh Myers is a intelligent beast at center. Kind of a bigger and nastier Corey Linsley.

    Amari Rodgers will help both the return game and in the slot on offense. Reminds me of Cobby and he calls Randall a “big brother.” This pick has a very positive trajectory.


    It is going to come out in soon enough, so I will just say that when you hear that Aaron wants Brian Gutekunst fired or he won’t come back, just ignore all that.

    Packer Nation stands with Gute and has his back.



  3. Pay Rodgers the money! He was the MVP and deserves to be paid the most in the NFL. His best chance to get to the SB in 2021 is with the Packers as they are just a few draft choices from being the most dominant team in the NFL!!

  4. Horrific drafting GM of the packers…the spring gift that keeps on giving.

  5. If this was arm wrestling, it would appear that Gute’s arm is starting to cave in. Gulp!

  6. If the rumours have it that AR is not pleased with Gutey because he a} blindsided AR with the Love pick and b) failed to negotiate in good faith with AR following the MVP season – then as they say Gutey should go. I wonder if Murph has the where-with-all to make that move. The pundits all feel that the player always loses. AR has at least 3 or 4 good to great seasons left. Gutey should have a) called AR and said we are picking Love and if he pans out and if things keep going well we will probably trade him like the Pats did to Jimmy G. and b) asked AR what do you want in your new contract – term and money. If for the first one – ing bad draft picks and negotiating bad contracts. And selecting bad coaches. If you lose a franchise QB for dumb reasons I would add that the list. A QB doesnt MM should have chastised Gutey for being insensitive. As far as the contract goes – he should have given AR what he wanted – if what they are saying as true – he shorted him. That is grounds for being replaced. GM’s get fired for make bad draft picks, picking bad coaches and signing bad free agents and overpaying players – losing a franchise QB should be added to that.

  7. They only have to keep three peopleI in the organization happy.
    Rodgers The quarterback
    Rodgers the coach and
    Rodgers the GM

  8. hey goofkunst, try drafting a WR/OL/TE in the first round some time instead of reaching for some scrub to replace the league MVP. things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

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