Eric DeCosta: Ravens will “work tirelessly” to get Lamar Jackson deal done

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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The Ravens picked up their option on quarterback Lamar Jackson‘s contract for the 2022 season on Friday and General Manager Eric DeCosta said again on Saturday that the team plans for a much longer stay.

DeCosta said last month that he has talked to Jackson’s camp about an extension and suggested on Saturday that it will move up the list of priorities once the draft is fully in the rearview mirror.

“[Jackson] is a guy who is going to be here,” DeCosta said, via Jamison Hensley of “We love him. He’s really the face of the team right now in many different ways. He’s our quarterback. We will work tirelessly to get a deal done. . . . I’m a guy that sort of likes to work with deadlines. The draft is almost over, so we’ll kind of move on to the next big thing. We’ve got other things now on our plate, and Lamar Jackson is one of those things.”

Picking up Jackson’s option guaranteed his $23.106 million salary for the 2022 season. That will be part of the framework for any contract discussions that take place in the coming days, weeks, and months for the Ravens.

23 responses to “Eric DeCosta: Ravens will “work tirelessly” to get Lamar Jackson deal done

  1. What does a top flight running back make these days?

    I hope there’s enough cap space left over to sign a quarterback!

  2. Long term deals for RB’s are risky. Especially one with a slender frame.

  3. This will be a huge mistake for the Baltimore Ravens. The front office will be trying to dump Lamar’s contract after getting bumped early out of the playoffs a few more times. This will be a Jared Goff contract level of regret for Ravens fans.

  4. i so hope lamar lights it up over the next few years just so i dont have to listen idiots like obesewantscannoli anymore. there are so many qbs out there worse than lamar yet he gets so much crap from people for using his skill set and doing what he does best and thats help the team win any way possible

  5. I love watching Jackson play football. Probably the most exciting player in football. That being said, the ravens should be calling the packers to see if they can get a jackson for Rogers swap or just getting as much as they can for Jackson. He will never win a superbowl as a starting qb. Its just to hard for a running qb to beat 3 or 4 good teams in a row. The closest to doing was Kaep and even he just ran into a defense that figured him out at the right time.

    You can win with guys who can run, but you cant win with guys who run a lot. And this is coming from an eagles fan that has Hurts on his team. Same kind of guy. Exciting, fun to watch, can win regular season games, but cant win the big one.

  6. I don’t know why it is so hard for Ravens fans and the media to just acknowledge the following statement: Lamar is a stud athlete and exciting QB… who will never win a Super Bowl.
    Everyone is so deluded by what appear to be great stats: lots of wins, team scoring, even throwing TDs and at face value a high completion %.
    But the reality is that running QBs never succeed over the long haul and can’t win in the playoffs over time. Defenses have already adjusted– just look at Lamar’s performance in 2020 vs 2019. He makes poor reads, has poor throwing mechanics, and can’t make accurate throws. The playoffs expose these flaws and it is these flaws which ultimately render him a very bad performer in the playoffs. This is factual; we’ve seen years of his playoff performances.
    For the life of me I don’t understand why people can’t acknowledge this reality. Actual game performances do not lie!

  7. Ravens making a big mistake. Eventually someone is going to destroy him when he runs around. Take away the running and u have nothing. He has no game at being a drop back passer without the run threat.

  8. Lamar had a substandard year this past season. The Ravens would love to get a deal done on that basis. Lamar, remember that the franchise tag is your friend–just ask Kirk or

  9. They should transition tag him…let the market determine his price…then if they like it…match it…or let him go…so simple…why don’t more teams use the transition tag…?

  10. Lamar has the same playoff record as Deshaun Watson plus an MVP. He should get paid more.

  11. Say what you will Jackson is still a better QB than many other NFL starters.

  12. Lamar has the same playoff record as Deshaun Watson plus an MVP. He should get paid more.


    “Guy A is overpaid so guy B should be overpaid too” is quite the logic

  13. All the armchair GM’s in the comment section, telling Eric DeCosta what he should do. It’s no way Steve Bisciotti is going to allow DeCosta to not re-sign his former unanimous MVP QB and then head into the unknown with no QB with a nicely built roster. Yeah, right!

  14. Hey PFT Nation. doesn’t the running back line start to get old when your team keeps trotting out real QB’s who are losers. Lamar drives the bus in charm city and everybody’s on board for a ride to the Superbowl.

  15. 34-12

    That’s not a score. It’s a win/loss record that almost no one in the NFL can match. The Ravens are finally deciding to get some offensive talent to support Lamar. Last year they finished the running backs. This year it was drafting the wide receivers. They already have the tight end. It’s not the Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield skill player support but it’s a real strong step in that direction. It’s amazing how much better a QB can pass when they actually have some talent around them. 34-12 is Lamar Jackson having to run 160 times a season. Wait until you see the record when that number is cut down to 100.

  16. Looks like Mr Regular Season will get his $. Enjoy the 12-5 reg seasons Ravens fans because that will be this teams pinnacle.

  17. Ravens fans are laughable. Lamar’s an MVP! He’s 34-12! Put him on Mt Rushmore! We’ve never seen a QB like this before!
    Here’s what I care about: 1-3. 55% completion rate. 3 TDs, 5 interceptions. 225 yards per game (which is rather inflated due to one game throwing for 365 yards– most of which came in garbage time). 5 fumbles. QBR a whopping 38.
    Sure, it’s nice to look good in the regular season, but when it really matters come playoff time, the reality is very different.

  18. Lamar has the same playoff record as Deshaun Watson plus an MVP. He should get paid more.


    “Guy A is overpaid so guy B should be overpaid too” is quite the logic


    There’s not an argument about what should happen being made here. The market is what the market is. You can ask Jerry Jones how it works. Do you want Lamar Jackson to be the Ravens QB or do you want to see him hit free-agency. Because I guarantee he has no reason to accept a penny less than what Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott are making.

  19. jasons81 says:
    May 1, 2021 at 8:18 pm
    Lamar has the same playoff record as Deshaun Watson plus an MVP. He should get paid more.


    “Guy A is overpaid so guy B should be overpaid too” is quite the logic

    Not the way the NFL works now days, now it’s the last to get paid gets paid the most, games won or started be damned, I believe it started with the Stafford, a terrible W-L record, no playoff games and gets the highest contract at the time for it, ridiculous!

    There needs to be a great reset in the pay structure in the pay of NFL players, especially QBs.

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