Jason Licht: Tom Brady isn’t worried about anybody taking his job

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The Packers’ selection of Jordan Love in the first round last year was not met with enthusiasm from starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Buccaneers expect a different response from their starting quarterback after they drafted Kyle Trask in the second round Friday.

Tom Brady signed a contract extension with the Super Bowl champions this offseason and is expected to remain as their QB1 at least the next two seasons. But Brady will be asked to groom his potential replacement.

“Oh, I think it’ll go very smooth,” Bucs General Manager Jason Licht said Friday night. “Tom’s the ultimate team guy, and I don’t think Tom is worried about anybody taking his job. We had some casual conversations throughout the past few weeks of if a scenario might come up where we could take a quarterback. I don’t have many conversations with Tom about the draft, but he was totally fine. He understands. He wants what’s best for the team.

“Tom’s gonna play as long as Tom wants to play. He’s earned that right.”

Licht previously had drafted only one quarterback since taking charge of the team’s personnel decisions in 2014. Licht took Jameis Winston with the No. 1 overall choice in 2015.

The Bucs discussed drafting Trask in the first round, coach Bruce Arians said. Instead, they selected University of Washington pass rusher Joe Tryon with the 32nd overall choice.

Trask was the 64th overall choice.

“We did our homework,” Arians said. “Everything about the guy — he’s accurate, he’s smart; he’s tough; he knows how to move inside the pocket. We don’t draft guys to run. We draft them to throw, and he’s accurate as hell. Really excited about him.

“People always want to compare people. To me, he’s a lot like Brad Johnson, and he’s pretty damn good. In my mind, he’s pretty good.”

Johnson, of course, won a Super Bowl as the starting quarterback of the Bucs.

23 responses to “Jason Licht: Tom Brady isn’t worried about anybody taking his job

  1. Kyle Trask is a smart QB with some Tom Brady traits. So is Chase Daniel. Kyle Trask is far more likely to have a Daniel-like career than Brady-like. Of course, Brady could fool us all and play until he’s 50 so it may not matter.

  2. “We don’t draft guys to run. We draft them to throw, and he’s accurate as hell.”

    I love the shade he throws at some QBs in the league.

  3. Let’s see, TB shows up and wins a SB, yeah pretty sure he’s not worried about his job security.

  4. This team is cute. Spent their entire SB boatraid talking about how they aren’t/won’t be the Kansas City Chiefs & then step by step do exactly what the Chiefs did the year before.

  5. Brady will demand Trask out just like he did Jimmy G in NE. No one steps on his turf.

  6. Brady said when he became a FA that he would be happy to mentor a young QB. Snagging Trask at #64 is an awesome pick, unless you already have a great QB. Take note: Tampa is no great team-building brain-trust. If Brady hadn’t come along, they would still be stumbling and bumbling their way through the seasons. They likely will revert to that when Tom leaves, unless Trask becomes elite, which he has more chance than most to be. But Tampa’s business should be about now, not then.

  7. When you’re the Luckiest Of All Time…….you don’t worry about much.

  8. Brady as usual will compete to keep his job. Surely we don’t expect him to behave like the job is his, no matter what. This will spur Brady more to outlast the new competitor.

  9. “Tampa is not great at team building.”

    – you are a stupid, stupid man with a pea brain. It also reeks of extreme jealousy. 99.9999% of the foundation of that team was…wait for it…drafted. You and the rest of the bozos that actually like this uninformed comment should do a little research. Additionally the will have the 7th most cap space going in to next yr. They were the first team in history to retain EVERYONE, not because of Brady but because a lot of their existing contracts we’re structured in a way that allowed them to be in this position in the first place, which is planned years in advance. Just HOW do you think Tom was attracted to Tampa in the first place smart guy? It’s because the team was already loaded. How do you think it became that way? Has Tom Brady been the secret GM of the Bucs years in advance?

  10. There are some very dumb and ill-informed comments to this story. Brady knows he has 2 to 3 years, maybe four. Trask knows he has his whole career ahead of them, and the opportunity to hone his skills under the mentorship of The G.O.A.T.

    Brady is a team player with the Buccaneers. You can see his maturity when we entered the playoffs. He is patient with the players still dialing in their top-level champion skills. He knows his time is limited based on his physical ability. He also wants to leave a legacy that it wasn’t the Patriot Way, but the Brady Way. The Patriots drafted his potential replacement way too early. Brady wants to leave when it’s time, and have trained his replacement to continue his legacy. He is pleased to have this skilled back-up who won’t breathe down his neck, but be ready from day one to carry the load and do whatever is needed.

    The Bucs and Trask know they are lucky to be in this situation

  11. Tom Brady is always worried about someone taking his job. That is just one of the many reasons why he is more often than not the most prepared player on the field, and why he is the Greatest NFL Player of All-Time.

  12. Pankaj Pandey says:
    May 1, 2021 at 2:24 am

    If I win 6 Super Bowls, I would not worry either



  13. As it should be …. listening Aaron? Draft a replacement years ahead of when you will need him …barring injury. Develop the prospect. Quit whining … it doesn’t suit you.

  14. He says that now but if Kyle Trask turns out to be even as good as Jimmy G, Brady will demand he gets traded.

  15. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    May 1, 2021 at 7:00 pm
    He says that now but if Kyle Trask turns out to be even as good as Jimmy G, Brady will demand he gets traded.

    Gotta love the whiney Pats fan. Get over it already. Belichick has been great but he screwed up the situation with Brady. The Bucs took advantage and rode it all the way to a superbowl. The Bucs and Brady have something Belichick was missing with Brady, clear communication. Two more years and Brady finally rides off into the sunset.

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