John Lynch: 49ers’ preference was to keep Jimmy Garoppolo

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The 49ers didn’t surrender three first-round draft choices to select Trey Lance and sit him for long. Until recent days, it was expected the 49ers would deal incumbent Jimmy Garoppolo and hand Lance the job.

But the 49ers are keeping Garoppolo for now, and Kyle Shanahan declared Friday night that Garoppolo remains the starter for now.

“That was our preference to draft a quarterback and keep Jimmy, provided somebody didn’t come and blow us away [with a trade offer],” General Manager John Lynch said Saturday, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “[The York ownership] gave us that commitment. We’re happy to have that situation because it’s a very strong one.”

The 49ers are comfortable carrying Garoppolo’s $24.1 million base salary as well as Lance’s as a top-five choice, Shanahan said.

“Jed and his family are OK with that, and I know it fits in the cap, so that’s why I feel it’s a pretty good situation for us,” Shanahan said.

Possible landing spots for Garoppolo have dried up with the Bears taking Justin Fields, the Patriots taking Mac Jones and the Texans taking Davis Mills. But the 49ers can squat on Garoppolo’s rights, holding out hope Garoppolo — who has an injury history — doesn’t get hurt before some team finds itself in need of a proven starter because of injury.

It worked out for the Eagles in 2016 when the Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater on Aug. 30. Minnesota gave up a 2017 first-round draft choice and a conditional 2018 fourth-rounder for Sam Bradford four days later.

Like Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton last year, Garoppolo will lose his job to a highly drafted quarterback sometime soon and have a new home sometime after that.

16 responses to “John Lynch: 49ers’ preference was to keep Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. Perhaps JimmyG doesn’t get injured & plays at the elite level he has shown in past years. If that happens, they better hope Trey Lance is the real deal so they can get some value back for him. I’m confident that would be a very good problem for them to have occur.

  2. Anybody who follows the 49ers and watches their press conferences knows this and isn’t even a little bit surprised.

    This is what the 49ers have been saying all along. The only ones with the twist in that narrative have been you guys. #pulitzer

  3. Yes. What the 49ers have been saying all along.

    Funny what happens when you listen with your ears.

  4. The 49ers look like chumps for trading three first round picks to trade up for Lance when they would still have had a decent shot at drafting him or Fields if they hadn’t moved up at all. Even if they had missed out on Lance or Fields they could still have taken Mac Jones whom Shanahan obviously was keen on. But hey, it was only two first round picks, nothing much to see here.

  5. Sure. That is why you drafted a new QB. Your lips are moving. We know you are therefore lying.

  6. Or maybe the 49ers overplayed their hand and will be left with nothing, ultimately cutting Jimmy G and getting nothing when they could have got a 2nd or 3rd round pick…

  7. Chiefs changed the game with Smith/Mahomes. Now everybody trying to replicate. Only problem is there is only one Patrick Mahomes…well besides his dad.

  8. Preference? More like the reality of the terrible position they put themselves in. No one is going to offer much for an often injured QB with a $25 million/yr salary. The Niners would have to give him away to get any takers. This whole draft season has been a disaster for San Fran.

  9. Look at this way with Jimmy and Trey who do you prepare for two almost opposite style players and if the game doesn’t go your way and you switch QBs how well are you prepared.

  10. The 49rrs will not pay Garoppolo 24mil.
    He either takes a paycut or gets cut in September. And then he’ll have a hard time finding a job.

  11. What has Kyle Shanahan done in the NFL, and why does he get treated like he’s one of the best coaches in the league? As a head coach he’s had just one winning season and he may most be known for blowing leads in the Super Bowl twice — once as an offensive coordinator and once as a head coach.

  12. I haven’t seen this talked about much, but it makes the most sense to me to keep Jimmy as the starter, and while Trey is developing and learning the offense, put him in a few gadget plays a game a la NO’s Hill. Give him some NFL snaps, get the jitters out, get him used to being in the spotlight.

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