Nick Caserio: Davis Mills pick “doesn’t impact any one player individually”

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The Texans picked quarterback Davis Mills in the third round on Friday night and a common reaction to the news was that the team was beginning to plan for life without Deshaun Watson.

Watson remains on the roster, but he wants to be traded and is facing numerous civil lawsuits for sexual assault. Those allegations have also sparked criminal and NFL investigations that could compromise his availability for the 2021 season.

Mills joins Tyrod Taylor as quarterback options if the Texans will move forward without Watson, but General Manager Nick Caserio said the move was not a comment on Watson’s future with the team.

“It’s just part of the team-building process,” Caserio said, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “What we tried to do was evaluate the players on the board and go through our process. There were several players we were discussing in that range. When it came time to pick, we felt it was the best decision for our team at the time. It doesn’t impact any one player individually. You try to make thoughtful decisions. It’s not one factor. It’s not one person. There’s a myriad of things that go into it.”

Mills was Houston’s first pick of this year’s draft as their first two picks went to Miami in the Laremy Tunsil trade. That trade came before Caserio was on the job and the lack of picks didn’t do him any favors as he tries to turn around a 4-12 team.

9 responses to “Nick Caserio: Davis Mills pick “doesn’t impact any one player individually”

  1. Well, I would think it does impact your QB more than your nose tackle…

  2. It happens all across the NLF every season…don’t you hate it when the coaching staff and front office of the team you follow straight up lies to the fan base?

  3. Watson will be SUSPENDED. Then once he is no longer he will be gone. Bob McNair ran the squeakiest NFL Franchise and right now he is rolling over in his grave with the dumbster fire this team has become.

  4. Davis Mills isn’t Trevor Lawrence or even an over-hyped Tim Tebow coming out of college!

    He’s a project with good traits but two bad knees and has barely played in college! He’s at least 1 or 2 years from becoming a viable backup in the NFL, if that!

    The Texans have a lot of things to explain but not this pick! They should stop talking to everyone about and just say “next question”!

  5. What a horribly run franchise.
    maybe they figure it out in a few years.

  6. They should start Ryan Finley this year, while the young guys sit. Next year, have open competition. I think if they give Finley a shot, he’ll open up some eyes. Lots of good QB’s get overlooked, and never get a chance. It was a fluke injury that allowed Tom Brady to get on the field. As a 6th round pick, obviously no team, including the Patriots had real high evaluations on him. He probably would have been waived in the off-season, and never given a chance. Same deal with Kurt Warner. The guys with the biggest investments, generally get multiple opportunities, while the low price guys are lucky if they ever get a chance. The Cowboys were about to cut Dak Prescott, a fourth rounder, but then Romo and the #2 guy went down close to opening day, and they had no choice but to play Prescott. He went 13-3 that year, shocked everyone, and Romo never returned. Obviously, the traits of a winning QB can’t be seen unless you’re on the field on Sunday. Can’t see anything at practice or workouts. It’s why Brady and Montana were late round picks.

  7. Sure, sure of course it doesn’t. I’m sorry are we now believing the Houston brass I didn’t get that memo? No? Ok yeah sorry, no sale.

  8. The smart play would have Watson serve his suspension and trade him next off season and hope teams with teetering QBs (Giants, Eagles, Miami) have bad seasons and add them to Denver and Carolina who appear to still be interested in acquiring Watson in Hope’s of a bidding war. Regardless Houston is in such bad shape I cant imagine them being relevant for another 4-5 years

  9. The plan remains as it has been, move him for 2022 and future draft capital. They’ve been done with him for months.

    A 3rd round QB with 11 college starts has no impact on that and isn’t their future 1. They needed a third QB. They’ll need a fourth.

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