Oddsmakers see bigger year from Trevor Lawrence than from Zach Wilson

2021 NFL Draft
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Now that the new crop of high-end NFL players has landed in the league, the oddsmakers have begun to make assessments of their potential performances in 2021.

With only two of the five first-round quarterbacks on track to start as of Week One, only two of the quarterbacks have odds for passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the first overall player taken in the draft, has an over-under of passing yards at 4250.5, at PointsBet. The under is -134; the over goes for +100. Lawrence’s over-under for touchdown passes is 24.5; both props have -115 odds.

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, taken second overall, has a passing-yardage over-under 400 yards lower, at 3850.5. Both cost -115. His passing touchdowns are at 22.5, with -134 for the under and +100 for the over.

Eventually, the odds will be set for the total number of starts by the rookie quarterbacks, including the other three first-round selections: Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Mac Jones. On Friday’s PFT PM, we asked Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston to peg the over-under for Jones in New England. Curran’s answer is in the attached video.

5 responses to “Oddsmakers see bigger year from Trevor Lawrence than from Zach Wilson

  1. Well obviously.
    Thats why Lawrence went #1 not Wilson.
    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a team with the top pick drafts the best QB prospect.
    And that the best QB prospect probably performs better than a lesser pick.

    The Jets also drafted a Guard and WR, and Adam Gase is gone, so I can see the Jets offense being much better, provided Wilson is the real deal, and not another Geno Smith.

  2. Lawrence is not throwing 4300 yards lol. Not with that team and that line. Take the under.

  3. Jax won their first game and the rest is history. The Jets actually got better. Gase was going to be fired during the season. I don’t think the players hated him but you don’t want a new coach mid season, so people tend to rise up a bit to avoid that. To think Jax is going to be better is great debate for giggles but nothing more. Betting on it is is for those addicted to such things.

    Both owners leave a bit to be desired but Band Aid Bro #1 just picks bad coaches and GM’s and seems to have gotten it right this time. The fact that the Jets traded up for a Guard means they are on the right path. Jax selecting a Kamara type, within a complete, rebuild is dumb. Round 3, maybe. MAYBE. They should have addressed the Oline. Still could have picked a bust but at least it’s the right path. I’ll go Jets with 5 wins, Jax 3. 4 and 2 is probably more realistic.

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