Packers CEO Mark Murphy: “We remain committed to Aaron [Rodgers] in 2021 and beyond”

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The public dance continues between the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

On Saturday, the Packers posted a Q&A with CEO Mark Murphy. The article begins with a preamble far more significant than any answer to any question Murphy ever has given.

“The first day of the NFL Draft is typically a very busy day for all NFL teams, with plenty of newsworthy events,” Murphy writes. “For the Packers, though, Thursday was definitely a day filled with more intrigue than usual. The day started with the report that Aaron Rodgers is upset with the Packers and doesn’t want to return to the team. When a report like that involves the reigning MVP, it is obviously a huge story, and it dominated the sports news for most of the day.”

Technically, the day started with a report that the Packers declined an opportunity to trade Rodgers to the 49ers. It went downhill from there. More significantly, Murphy’s comments do nothing to refute the notion that Rodgers isn’t happy. Instead, Murphy confirms that there is an “issue,” that there are “concerns.”

“This is an issue that we have been working on for several months,” Murphy says. “Brian Gutekunst, Matt LaFleur and I have flown out on a number of occasions to meet with Aaron. We are very much aware of Aaron’s concerns and have been working with him (and his agent Dave Dunn) to resolve them. We remain committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond. He is not only a tremendously talented player, but has developed into a true leader for us. The relationship that Aaron has forged with Matt and the other offensive coaches has propelled us to the brink of the Super Bowl in two straight years. We look forward to competing for another Super Bowl championship with Aaron as our leader.”

Murphy can say that the team is committed to Rodgers beyond 2021, but his contract makes it clear that it’s a year-to-year commitment. With a manageable cap charge that would arise next year if the Packers trade Rodgers, they have the flexibility to decide after the coming season to flip to 2020 first-round selection Jordan Love.

That continues to be the crux of the current situation. Rodgers wants to be tied to the team for two or three years. The Packers don’t want to surrender their ability to change their minds after 2021. Rodgers trying to force them to truly commit beyond 2021 or move on.

The fact that the Packers have made multiple trips to see Rodgers shows that it’s definitely a big deal. The fact that those trips haven’t solved anything underscores that it’s a big deal. It will continue to be a big deal unless and until the Packers sign Rodgers to a new contract that creates two or three years of certainty — or until the Packers trade Rodgers.

25 responses to “Packers CEO Mark Murphy: “We remain committed to Aaron [Rodgers] in 2021 and beyond”

  1. Imagine talking about your 37 year old MVP QB and having to emphasize, “He’s developed into a true leader for us.”

    I can’t decide who Rodgers must hate more, LaFleur, Gutekunst or Mark Murphy.

  2. I wouldn’t trade him. Pretty simple either honor your contract and play for the Packers or retire.

  3. Two possibilities strike me here:

    1 – Rodgers wants long-term security. Thats smart, financially, and I can see him wanting to finish his career in the place he started. Thats something no recent great has been able to do. Hes trying to force the hand of the team to let him decide when he is done, which I would think any of us would love to be able to do. The lack of guarantees beyond this year means a big injury could end his income from the NFL at any time. Why would it be smart to play under those circumstances?

    2 – Rodgers wants a new scene. He never chose Green Bay, and who can blame him for wanting to try Colorado or Vegas or northern California? Everyone talks about how he never forgot sliding in the draft, do you think he forgot Packers fans booing him in Green Bay when he took over? He doesnt owe Green Bay or Packers fans a thing. I dont blame him for wanting to play somewhere else and enjoy his one life/career.

    Or maybe its both. Green Bay wants to decide their future, and so does Rodgers. I think Rodgers has earned the right to choose his path.

  4. “This is an issue that we have been working on for several months,” Murphy says.

    An issue with not supporting Rodgers with offensive weapons but instead focusing on his replacement? I’d want out, too.

  5. All of this boilerplate “he’s our leader” talk is ridiculous and insulting. They need to address the Jordan Love pick. Why did they make that move? What’s the plan? Stop treating Aaron and everyone like we’re idiots.

    If you were committed to Aaron, you would never have made that move. It’s embarrassing and may have just tanked your dynasty. If you’re committed to Aaron, trade Love and get more players to win now.

  6. To bad the feeling ain’t mutual huh Murphy? Just like Favre, he realizes that team is crap and wants out. Now don’t get me wrong, Rodgers has been, is, and always be an egotistical jerk, but seeing GB at the bottom of the division for years to come like they were in the old days will be music to my ears.

  7. I would lean towards Rogers not ever playing for the packers again,if he didn’t say and planned on showing up for camp by now he or his agent would’ve addressed this already..not a peep so I don’t think he’s gonna put that uniform on again..

  8. I was under the impression that Rodgers willingly signed the last extension so it should not be an issue.

  9. Letting him retire without getting any compensation for him would be the stupidest idea ever and should immediately cost the GM his job. They can easily get multiple 1st round picks for him so letting him retire is a brain dead move.

  10. So originally he was going to be traded Thursday night and now he might be traded after this season. That’s progress I suppose.
    If I were Gutekunst I would throw a little Passive/aggressive back. “I am and always have been concerned only with the interests of the Packers team. If Mark Murphy believes it is best for the team, I will resign, because I am not more important than the team. I would never place myself above the team.

  11. It’s over, Rodgers had already filed a divorce. You can’t force someone to stay married when they say no.

  12. It’s sad to see Rodgers starting to collapse mentally and emotionally after all this time with his passive/aggressive behavior. The Packers have provided the offense with plenty of skilled players to help Aaron over the years – Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, Eddie Lacy, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Jared Cook, Robert Tonyan, etc. Most Packer fans have had it with his behavior and wish he would just go away. I hope he can get the mental health help he needs.

  13. STOP!!! You are making a fool of yourself. Fans are not the fools! Your plan was to move on from Rodgers after the 2020 season. This on the assumption that he would decline in performance. Quite the contrary, he became the MVP. You can say what you want but the truth is you did listen to an offer. If you didn’t want to trade him you should never have taken the calls…………and said so.

  14. Has anyone noticed that Aaron Rodgers can’t get along with anybody? He couldn’t get along with Brett Favre for years. He doesn’t get along with his family. He is sideways with the Packers franchise now. Just about everything he says is some sort of calculated passive aggressive comment. He is a super talented quarterback, but personally he is poison. I suspect the folks at Jeopardy would regret their decision to hire him when it came time to renegotiate his contract.

  15. Tampa Bay and The 49ers just show two perfectly good ways to pick your next/backup QB. TB after they actually WON the Super Bowl and with a 43 year old QB. Even if Brady plays 3 more seasons, you’re good. Or SF, who communicate with Jimmy and he knows his injuries justify them getting someone early while they could. Doubtful Rodgers signs the same deal he does if he knew Gute was trading up to draft his replacement 2 years into a 5 year deal, instead of maximizing their 5 year SB Window with the guy they just invested into. These guys are “College” educated? Still can’t stop anyone on defense so good luck with Love scoring 48 Touchdowns

  16. This proves that better late than never doesn’t always apply. Sometimes it’s too late.

  17. Yeah. He might have considered saying that a year ago, instead of waiting until it might be too late to matter. That to me is the crux of this issue. Too slow to move on from Dom Capers, too slow to replace Ted Thompson even when his mental faculties had declined sharply, too slow to move on from McCarthy, and in ten years unable to build a decent defense that doesn’t give up 30+ points in every season ending loss. And they’ve done nothing the last two off-seasons in free agency when their top competition (Tampa, KC, Rams) have gone all in. They’ve been far to content to let Rodgers play make up for organizational missteps and far to content to just be in the mix instead of winning it all.

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