Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst: Aaron Rodgers hasn’t said he wants me fired

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst to be fired. After the completion of the 2021 draft, Gutekunst met with reporters. He was asked about the report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports that Rodgers wants Gutekunst out.

“Aaron hasn’t said anything like that to me and certainly hasn’t said anything publicly,” Gutekunst said, via Rob Demovsky of “I think that’s a little unfair to put that on him. Certainly don’t like to hear those things, but no, nothing’s been communicated directly to me.”

Rodgers definitely hasn’t said anything publicly, about Gutekunst or anything else. The Packers surely are aware of the fact that, regardless of the things Rodgers may be saying privately, he has been vague and ambiguous and beautifully mysterious when it comes to publicly saying what he wants.

So what does he want? Rodgers has said nothing publicly, presumably because he doesn’t want the fans to turn on him the way they turned on Brett Favre. Based on the last couple of days, however, even the most ardent cheeseheads are realizing that something stinks, other than the Baby Swiss. Sooner or later, Rodgers needs to be clear, direct, and honest about what he wants — whether it’s a trade to a new team or a pink slip for Gutekunst or a new contract or something else.

45 responses to “Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst: Aaron Rodgers hasn’t said he wants me fired

  1. He’s literally the reigning MVP and you know this would be his last year anyways. Trade him for a ransom now while you still can. Don’t be stubborn like Houston.

  2. Or as usual, the media just being the media, manufactures fake outrage news as clickbait…

  3. No, he said it to mark murphy. Why is would he say it to you?

  4. Cue the clown music. The packer front office is scrambling to cover their asses. Looking for a helmet that will fit Love. And are so preoccupied with the mess they made, draft a track runner instead of a football player in the first round. In gute we trust, lolololol

  5. I know you are just doing your job, but if you screw it up with Rogers the fans will be saying they want you fired. Yes he will not be here forever but my goodness when you have a QB like that you strike while things are good. Pay the man and draft to keep him happy, geez.

  6. Unless he’s told Tirico this is off the record, which I doubt, Rodgers has spoken alright.

  7. Vague, Ambiguous, and beautifully mysterious can all be synonymous with whiney, egotistical and weak.

  8. If only it was “Lombardi” instead of “Gutekunst”, a whole different road they go down lol

  9. Gutekunst shouldn’t have addressed the question. He looks like a weak GM.

  10. Can’t we celebrate the new NFL drafted players instead of talking about this pompous Packer ?

  11. Sounds like a couple breaking up in high school— one disappointed the break up got out before the other person knew, the other person in denial in He’s 37 , gave your franchise a SB– your first rounder QB last year sat for a year to mature and develop– trade away get some massive picks — develop Love and move on

  12. Yeah, okay. Like he’s going to go to Gutekunst and say, “Yo, Big Bri, just so you know – I’m going to Murph to demand that he fire you, so in the extremely likely event that this leaks and you hear something about it in the media, that’s why.”

  13. I want arod to leave the team. There no greater joy than watching management faces when the great ones leave and win somewhere else.
    P. Manning did it with the colts.
    T. Brady did it with the patriots.
    I hope arod get his shot.
    I wish j. Montana coulda pulled it off

    All management is the same…give me more for less so I look good. It always digest me when the owners and coaches hog all the glory before the players do

  14. There are hundreds of people who could be the GM of the Packers and do a reasonably good job.

    There is exactly one Aaron Rodgers.

    If this comes down to a choice for the Packers, and they choose their GM, then they deserve the decade of last-place finishes to follow.

  15. If Rodgers is manipulating the levers of power he doesn’t have to publicly say anything.

  16. Gutekunst was a lowly Packers scout for almost 15 years, and if it wasn’t for Rodgers he would probably STILL be a scout. His friendship with Rodgers basically got him to move up in the organization and dramatically so — first to head of scouting, then to head of personnel then to GM — all in a little over 5 years! What Rodgers is ticked about most is that Gutekunst tried to “big time” him by selecting Love without even as much as mentioning it to him — without whose help he wouldn’t even have been in a position to make such a decision!

  17. Gutekunst obviously isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Rodgers has zero motivation to tell Gutekunst what he wants. Rodgers message is to Gutekunst’s boss.

  18. I have a sneaking suspicion that this whole thing was invented by the media. Journalism isn’t what it used to be, you know.

  19. Gutenkunst has done a decent job on roster building part of things. On the communication side, both internally and externally, he’s making a real mess of things.

  20. Of course he hasn’t, and he doesn’t hate you either…just your guts…

  21. Talking heads got to talk – but I think that I am going to stop looking at these websites until things really slow down and that the AR thing is somewhat resolved. Now I hear from some of these talking heads that even though the Pack picked a CB at their first pick they get a C behind all the other teams because they didnt address AR! Now excuse me – first off this win the draft or lose the draft means nothing right now – but you are not evaluating what the Pack did versus what they might need – you are evaluating what the press might think that AR might feel??? I would guess if you look at last years draft all those guys who took wide receivers ahead of Minnies Jefferson -like the Eagles Cowboys Broncos and Raiders are losers. But I guess it is time to stop reading all these guys. BTW – this is the best draft ever because all of the praise that everybody heaped on everybody – all these QB’s are going to be in the HOF – ya right.

  22. I will say it, I want Gutekunst fired. He was made a mess of the situation.

  23. Rodgers wanted Gute to trade him to his hometown team, the 49ers. He said no when John Lynch called. In fact he was short with Lynch, disrespectful. That ticked Rodgers off, and Rodgers is a man who doesn’t take a slight lightly. He’s played his last down for the Packers.

  24. Keep in-mind……the pundits and sports journalists earn a bonus if they can get Rodgers on film or audio actually saying any of the things attributed to him. Nobody has done it and nobody has ever been right. Think about that for a second. It’s all wishing, hoping, and praying….by haters. They do it because they enjoy it. It’s their life.

  25. Um…no he doesn’t. Rodger’s has no obligation to say anything. Why? Just because you say so?

  26. Yes he did, don’t lie. It time for you to exit stage right buddy!

  27. ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’ Someone’s goose is being cooked, and it’s only a matter of time before we all know who’s.

  28. chickensalad43 says:
    May 1, 2021 at 8:00 pm
    He’s literally the reigning MVP and you know this would be his last year anyways. Trade him for a ransom now while you still can. Don’t be stubborn like Houston.———————————————————————————————– Rodgers’ contract runs through the 2023 season and, all told, it will pay him over $90M including roster bonuses, salary, and the remaining $27M of his signing bonus.

  29. Rodgers has a huge hand in keeping the Packers from going to the Super Bowl two years in a row and if you look at tape you can see why,it sticks out like a sore thumb.if he wants out then trade him to the AFC and get as much as you can for him.

  30. This is all because they allowed Kevin King back into the building. The offense was a scoring machine last season…the defense…as has been the case for 10 years has not been a top 5 defense. Poor draft picks, a star here and there, but not seeking out and finding the best D Coordinators out there has cost them 5 opportunities to make it to the big game. If Ron Wolf was still running the team, that would have never happened. Murphy and Gute should get this straight or they should be sent packing.

  31. I’ve been saying this for years: The GB “Board of Directors,” all 43 of them, is the real clown show in GB. Most of them are on the Board because of money and influence. They know as much about football as a cow does about astronomy.

    And then there’s Mark Murphy – a lawyer who weasled his way into his current position. Like the “Board,” Murphy is an unmitigated disaster.

    If it weren’t for Favre and Rodgers, the Pack would be fighting the Lions for last place in the NFC North.

  32. 2020vision says:
    May 1, 2021 at 9:09 pm

    Gutenkunst has done a decent job on roster building part of things.
    Oh really? Did you see his 2020 draft? Have a look, let us know if you still feel that way.

  33. Rodgers has a right to be pissed. If they draft a WR and a corner last year rather than Jordan Love and AJ Dillon, they probably beat the Bucs in the NFC title game…

    Gutekunst seems like one of these GMs who would rather lose with the guy he picked than win with the guy he inherited… That line of thinking is just difficult to wrap my head around.

    I’m sure this was discussed early in the off-season and it’s just coming to a head now, but considering how difficult it is to trade a franchise QB, this needed to be hashed out before free agency started. If Rodgers trusted Gutekunst to trade him, then he was stupid for believing him.

  34. If Rodgers wanted King fired this would have been resolved the day after the NFC Title game. Aaron has traveled too far down the path he has chosen to turn back. Deal him to Denver for future picks and sink or swim with Love. Wasn’t that the plan after all?

  35. I heard Tony Busby was in Green Bay this weekend. Is it next week where it comes out that Aaron was with Deshaun getting massage therapy from 40 different professionals over the last year or two?

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