Saints draft Notre Dame QB Ian Book

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Camping World Bowl - Notre Dame v Iowa State
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The Saints have their third quarterback.

New Orleans, which is planning a competition between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston to replace Drew Brees, has now added Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL draft, with the 133rd overall pick.

The 23-year-old Book spent five years at Notre Dame, redshirting in his first season, playing a few games in his second and then starting for his final three years.

Book was a good but not great quarterback, and it’s hard to imagine him starting as a rookie. But he could be a player who, with some time in Saints coach Sean Payton’s offense, eventually emerges as a starter. The Saints are hoping either Hill or Winston takes the starting job and keeps it for years to come, but if not, Book could be next.

18 responses to “Saints draft Notre Dame QB Ian Book

  1. Best place he could have gone. No pressure to immediately start, a proven QB guru in Payton, and the vast majority of games every year either indoors or in good outdoor weather. He has a pretty low ceiling as an NFL starter in my opinion but if he has a chance of making it anywhere, it’s there.

  2. No matter who is under center they will have very big shoes to try to fill.

  3. I can understand why the New Orleans Saints are collecting QBs….but why are they collecting all the wrong ones?

  4. He had Notre Dame in the playoff conversation all year. I don’t know why he would be criticized.

  5. Once again a bunch of analysts talking over all the late round picks, which stinks!

  6. Book seems like a Brees clone, but he doesn’t have as good an arm.

    But Payton knows QBs. Don’t forget that he discovered Tony Romo in Dallas when he was the OC, not Bill Parcels. Whatever you think about Romo, his playing #s put him above QBs already in the HOF.

    So, if you’re a Saints’ fan, you should be happy with the selection of Book.

  7. And the last good QB to come out of Notre Dame was…………………??

  8. Book will be lucky to make the team. Notre Dame QBs are like OSU QBS…. They simply fail in the NFL… At least since a certain #16

  9. The Denver Broncos found out quickly it’s impossible to replace an all-time top 5 QB in Peyton Manning. The New Orleans Saints will be looking for awhile in replacing another all-time QB Drew Brees. There’s not one QB on the Saints current roster that will even come close to replacing Drew Bees’ leadership and production.

  10. Book has a lot going for him, and he improved this year as a QB. Hill is their best option this year, and possibly going forward. Hill was doing what they’ve asked of him, but he’s a QB, too.

  11. Posts about X college doesn’t produce QBs should look at Clemson – Watson and Lawrence, Oklahoma – Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murry, Southern Mississiopi – Brett Farve, Kurt Warner – Northern, Iowa, etc.

    It’s a ridiculous premise to look at a guy drafted in 2021 and say “they haven’t rproduced x since 1954!” Systems change, coaches change, etc. The only rule is that there is no rule or here comes someone proving it wrong!

  12. Ian book isn’t NFL starter material.
    All you Notre Dame fans are delusional.
    Dude will be on the roster for a couple years

  13. Yet ANOTHER QB project for the Saints. Payton is an idiot for not drafting a QB to be Brees’’ heir apparent 5-10 years ago and developing him over time. Payton has been putting bandaids on the problem (drafting QB’s no one has ever heard of and then cutting them after 2 years) for the last several years. The Saints wasted a draft pick in my opinion to replace the greatest REGULAR SEASON QB of all time in Brees (and the greatest choke artist of all time, while we’re at it.)

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