Aaron Rodgers spoke on camera on the the Kentucky Derby, but said nothing about the Packers

147th Kentucky Derby
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers declined to speak to NBC on Saturday. Obviously, Mike Tirico would have asked Rodgers about the ongoing situation with the Packers.

But that didn’t stop Rodgers from talking on camera. He did roughly five minutes with TwinSpires, a gambling outlet. Amazingly, no mention was made of the issue with the Packers.

Then again, maybe it’s not that amazing. Rodgers undoubtedly conditioned his willingness to talk on not being asked to talk about the 800-pound block of limburger in the room. (Most reporters would decline to do the interview at all if the most glaring topic can’t even be mentioned.)

In the segment, Rodgers seemed loose, happy, and affable. And he gets bonus points for having “Turd Ferguson” on his name tag.

Still, it was weird (to say the least) that Rodgers would be interviewed on camera and the topic that has dominated the American sports scene for the past three days wouldn’t even be mentioned.

At this point, his silence serves as further confirmation that it’s all accurate, and it’s all true. As Tirico said yesterday after talking to Rodgers, there’s a “fissure” and a “chasm” between player and team. Rodgers seemed to have done a good job of compartmentalizing that on Saturday, but the divide remains.

30 responses to “Aaron Rodgers spoke on camera on the the Kentucky Derby, but said nothing about the Packers

  1. Me me me Rodgers wants all the camera time but his passive aggressive self won’t allow discussion about the aggression he started. Actually he is a perfect fit for Packer fans.

  2. This supports Brian Gutekunst’s belief that everything is fine. Aaron Rodgers is an open book. If he had any issues, surely he’d use this forum as an opportunity to speak what’s on his mind.

  3. Hasn’t Rodgers wanted to end his career as a Packer? He has admired Bart Starr and wanted to be a Packer his entire career.

    Second, what’s unbelievable is that this drama is becoming eerily similar to that of the Brett (“I’m retired, no I’m not”) Favre situation 15 years ago. Another high profile QB running the organization through the drama mill.

  4. Mike Tirico after talking to Aaron off camera:”He expressed a couple times how much he loves Green Bay, loves the fans, loves the franchise.”

    I know some think he said those things to save himself from scorn from fans, but those sentiments are nothing new, Aaron has said the same countless times over the years. He is implying nothing has changed.

    Yes, Aaron felt disrespected by Brian. Aaron right now is basically flexing. He is making himself clear that he isn’t ok with not being informed about QB or other major personnel moves that are made. Now, Gute has no obligation to inform Aaron of any personnel move. Gute did admit he could have handled the communication better. Brian himself doesn’t know how the board will fall during the draft. He has to make decisions on the fly. It all happens fast.

    Gute has always said he welcomes Aaron’s or any players input. But the final decisions are not made by players, never will be, nor should they be.

    This all is obviously being a little overblown. If anyone thinks Aaron is going to abandon his friends and teammates by never playing in Green Bay again, then you aren’t paying attention.

    David Dunn his agent is also involved in this and that is why Aaron pays him to handle negotiations with the team. As Gute and Mark said: We are in talks with Aaron and his agent about several things.

    One thing that the Packers have made clear, is that a trade has zero chance of happening. I expect to see Aaron at camp in late July. Bet against it, please.

  5. The coach says he does not care about winning a super bowl and the QB only cares about screen time. LOLOL

  6. The ball is in his court. He could hit a cross court forehand winner or a slice and attack the net. The choice is his,really.

  7. Rumor. Rodgers and fiance spotted in Denver house hunting. Packers must be elated to move on with Love. Yes?

  8. GB’s mistake was panicking and grabbing Love when everyone knew the 2021 class was significantly deeper in QB talent. Of course, not communicating your plan (assuming there was one) with your HOF QB was strictly bush league. Trade him to LV or Denver and move on…

  9. The guy is paid to play football. (A lot) So shut up and play if you are under contract!

  10. All these GMs care about is keeping their cushy job. Rodgers wants them to use resources to take the team to a higher level, now, not work to stay respectable in 5 years when he’s likely gone. Drafting a QB high in order to keep the team good down the road, if not elite, is insurance for the GM to stick around, at the expense of the present, and guys like Rodgers. This is where owners need to step in. Squandering these windows for a GM’s self interest is not what’s best for the team, and certainly not what’s best for the guys playing right now. I’m on Rodgers’ side here, 100%.

  11. He does not have too. He has his agent/minions do his bidding for him…..

  12. Arianal1985 . . . cracking wise about casinos? Really? After what just happened? What is wrong with you??!!!???

  13. And yet, they’ve pretty much owned this division for nearly 30 years. How can this be?

  14. This will be the ultimate test in what the Packers think they have in Love. If he’s traded they think they have something. If not then they don’t think anything is there with Love. Reports are he wasn’t that impressive in practice. My prediction is they throw a boatload of money at Rodgers to keep him happy.

  15. cheeseisfattening says:
    May 2, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    Me me me Rodgers wants all the camera time but his passive aggressive self won’t allow discussion about the aggression he started. Actually he is a perfect fit for Packer fans.

    We’re all MVP’s? Thanks cheesey!

  16. Notice what has been in the headlines are all from anonymous sources, in other words, no accountability. It could be true, it could equally be totally false.

    I think Rodgers plays in Green Bay in 2021 and then if the trade offer is strong enough, make the deal. At least a star player in return plus 2 first rounders and some more draft picks.

  17. Let’s say Rodgers is behind all this. Let’s say he’s doing it on purpose. Let’s say he wants to have a say in front office decisions. Let’s say he wants to be the highest paid player. Let’s say he blames everyone but himself.

    Viking Fan would still take him over Cousins in a heartbeat, right now, today.

  18. Brady’s influence and selfish actions have created a chain reaction.

  19. Rogers is simply playing a game that GB management taught him to play. If the pupil is at fault, blame his teachers!

    The usual theme here is that players are always supported in their quest for more money or improved labor conditions. But somehow A. Rogers is not being supported as if he was attempting to get better working conditions. Why?

    It is because Rogers is suspected of using the media to send ambiguous signals that cannot be reconsiled into a cogent story line without interpreting some of those signals as deliberately disingenuous and manipulative.

    In fact, the suspicion is misleading because A. Rogers is simply reacting to GB management’s ambiguous response to concerns/demands that were privately communicated. GB management’s response is ambiguous and disengenuous because managment’s negotiating strategy is deliberately manipulative. Not only does GB managment attempt to manipulate Rogers, it attempts to manipulate the media in order to manipulate both Rogers and public opinion.

    Ease up on Rogers.

  20. We’ve gone from, “There’s a gleam” to “There’s a fissure”.

  21. Let’s see – top QB, top WR, top RB, top O-Line, decent coaching staff, slightly above average defense, and goes deep into playoffs year after year – seems to me that the GM is doing a really good job up that way. As a Cowboys fan, I could only hope to have a front office and team that successful. Rodgers is definitely the problem – so sensitive.

  22. “ Amazingly, no mention was made of the issue with the Packers.”

    The entire 5 minute convo was about horse racing. The interviewer didn’t even bring up something lighthearted and fun like Jeopardy. Why would he bring up drama? Makes no sense.

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