Anti-Glazer protest results in postponement of Manchester United vs. Liverpool until a later date

Manchester United fan protest - Old Trafford
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Sunday’s protest by angry Manchester United fans resulted in the postponement of Sunday’s game against Liverpool.

Via, the game will be played at a later date.

The incident started as an effort to voice displeasure with ownership of Manchester United by the Glazer family. It became a breach of Old Trafford, the stadium where the game was to be played. Protestors also invaded the playing surface.

Manchester United issued a statement explaining that the game was postponed for “safety and security considerations.”

“Our fans are passionate about Manchester United, and we completely acknowledge the right to free expression and peaceful protest,” the team said. “However, we regret the disruption to the team and actions which put other fans, staff, and the police in danger. We thank the police for their support and will assist them in any subsequent investigations.”

Said the Premier League: “This is a collective decision from the police, both clubs, the Premier League and local authorities. The security and safety of everyone at Old Trafford remains of paramount importance. We understand and respect the strength of feeling but condemn all acts of violence, criminal damage and trespass, especially given the associated COVID-19 breaches. Fans have many channels by which to make their views known, but the actions of a minority seen today have no justification. We sympathize with the police and stewards who had to deal with a dangerous situation that should have no place in football.”

Manchester United fans continue to be upset by the involvement of the Glazers, who also own the Buccaneers, in efforts to launch a European Super League. Even before that, plenty of fans wanted the Glazers to sell the team.

18 responses to “Anti-Glazer protest results in postponement of Manchester United vs. Liverpool until a later date

  1. The fans will either root for the team or they won’t. Glazers will sell if and when they feel it’s the best business decision for them. None of this will have any impact on that.

  2. The EPL in the UK and soccer in general in Europe is not really like any sport Over here in USA. For example, no team in the game over there ever moves to a new location, the fans have been cheering for teams big and small for over a century in most cases. Fans own chunks or 51%, of many huge prominent teams, as well as small ones. An owner MUST engage the fans on multiple levels or will see their team be marginal sized by the local fans and then they must sell before an empty stadium devalues their asset and they lose money. The glazers, kroenkie, Fenway sports group as well as a bunch of billionaires in Asia and Europe misread the situation completely and are now losing money, prestige as a result. These protests will have effect, even if owners refuse to sell

  3. Glazer should respond by changing the team name to Manchester United States. Or just moving the team to the US altogether.

  4. Fans don’t want American owners in EPL, just their money. Invest and go home.

  5. A major announcement forecoming, no NFL games in UK until Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool owners sell. NFL and UK wants no part in hooligan disruption.

  6. That above paraphased quote from Americans living there. Additional from them: trouble could be brewing for NFL in Germany too because of close proximity.

  7. Some good points by some commenting here. Some not. The talk of hey we don’t want American owners, go home. That may be a brief symptom that is making people angry but it’s not the root cause. They are angry at the American owners that do t u sweat and the marketplace. Can’t remove traditions if you haven’t properly judged what matters to people. If over here a hockey owner bought a team in Canada and wanted to talk of not competing for the Stanley cup, we’re gonna start some new big championship you’re all gonna love it. Bedlam and revolt. If Alabama, OSU, USC, Florida, etc said goodbye to SEC, BIg 10 league rivalries people would revolt too. Yankees not competing for the World Series. Some things fans will not tolerate changed. They are mad cause foreign owners, in this case 3 American ones didn’t understand the sport, the fans, or the market. In any business that’s an amazingly thorough failure on every level and will effect tv deals, Gaye receipts, and $ that they will feel.

  8. Good. These American owners have no clue about the sport. Sell the team and go away. You can’t Americanize this sport. Promotion and relegation have been around for more than a hundred years. Let it be and go away. None of this super league crap.

  9. Hopefully more wealthy Americans follow the trailblazing Glazer’s and take over more ownership roles. Get that silly sport fixed.

  10. Been a huge EPL fan for over a decade and KnightWander end JimmyPin made very astute comments. Those outta touch owners blindly went for Super League riches and never consulted the locals about the idea. It was a terrible reaction by the MU hooligans who trespassed at Old Trafford and will more than likely see their season tickets go *poof* into the wind if they had them. Or more than likely if they all can be ID’d they’ll be banned for life from seeing a game in person, no joke. I was watching the Arsenal Newcastle United match this AM and the cutaway showed a kid no more than 14 hanging on the crossbar of one of the goals… hope it was worth it dude, banned for life is my guess.

  11. Time to move Manchester United out of the UK entirely. They would look great in MLS.

  12. I would think Silent Stan Kroenke has to take major notice of the situation with the Galzer’s. Arsenal fans and Kroenke have been on a roller coaster since Enos got control of the team. It’s not like the club has flourished under Kroneke.

  13. That Super League issue has been around forever. Luckily now they have a convenient pair of Americans to blame. Funny how that worked out.

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