Major protest of Glazer family delays match between Manchester United, Liverpool

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
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The failed Super League continues to resonate for English soccer fans, especially for the fans of teams that tried to break from the Premier League. Two of those teams are owned by NFL owners, and fans want those NFL owners out.

It boiled over in a big way on Sunday, when a major protest against the Glazer family, which owns both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United, resulted in an indefinite delay of the match between Man U and Liverpool.

The incident currently is being covered on NBCSN. The current question is whether the team buses will be able to get the players to Old Trafford.

Protesters actually entered the stadium and invaded the pitch. Police cleared the area, which is (as NBCSN’s Arlo White said moments ago) “a complete mess.”

Fans of Manchester United have disliked the Glazer family ownership of the team ever since they purchased the club in 2005. The Super League cluster fudge has taken the discontent to new heights.

Fans of Arsenal also want Rams owner Stan Kroenke to sell. A protest recently happened at an Arsenal match, but it wasn’t nearly as disruptive or problematic as the one that happened on Sunday at Old Trafford.

4 responses to “Major protest of Glazer family delays match between Manchester United, Liverpool

  1. Good!! As much as I love football there are majorrr differences with soccer and these owners need to accept it or leave. Those clubs are part of the city and they can’t up and leave as they would in the nba nfl etc. This is the reason why there’s so much passion in south american soccer, clubs are, like the Packers, owned by the members were elections are held and decisions aren’t made purely on profit.

  2. The game’s been postponed. I was watching on Sky – A flare was thrown towards the commentary box. It didn’t hit anyone, but fell to ground burning a hole in one of the tarps. A full bottle of beer was thrown too, narrowly missing the commentary box. Cars have been overturned at the teams’ hotels. I totally understand the fans’ point of view, but this is WAY out of order. We must press our points, but do so PEACEFULLY. Anything else – we lose the argument.

  3. They weren’t breaking from Premier League. All of the Super League teams would have continued to play in their domestic leagues. SL would have done away with Champions League which most European teams have a way to qualify for. Champions is pretty much the Super Bowl of European soccer. The SL would have replaced Champions, the big clubs would always be in the tournament and only a few clubs outside of the permanent ones could make the tournament. This shuts the door on most all the other clubs that right now can have a run in the Champions League. Pretty much like College football, where if you’re not in a big conference you have no shot even if you go unbeaten.

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