Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer become neighbors

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A football reunion could be coming. Even if it doesn’t, they’ll be able to get together whenever they want.

Via JaxDailyRecord.com, Jaguars coach Urban Meyer bought a house in Jacksonville that makes Meyer and potential Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow neighbors. Indeed, Meyer’s $2.15 million home at is just down the street from Tebow’s place, which he bought in 2019 for $2.99 million.

The home purchased by Meyer at one point was owned by former Jaguars quarterback David Garrard.

Tebow presumably will never be a Jaguars quarterback, but it would be foolish to presume the now-retired baseball player won’t get a chance to be a Jaguars tight end, if he wants to do it. He’ll sell a ton of No. 15 jerseys (once they trade Gardner Minshew II), and Tebow will generate even more interest and buzz for a team that is trying to do as much of that as it can.

Tebow also will be a natural leader, a guy who creates an example of hard work, discipline, etc. Plus, it won’t hurt Meyer to have an extra set of eyes and ears in the locker room — even though it will be obvious to the other players that anything said and done in the presence of Tebow necessarily will have been done in the presence of Meyer.

With 90 roster spots to burn, why not give Tebow a chance? With 53 roster spots and plenty of practice-squad positions (along with the opportunity to call up two guys per week), why not give him a job?

Yes, it’s a sport. But it’s fundamentally a business (as the Mets realized), one that is premised on separating customers from their money, time, and attention. Having a local hero on the team won’t hurt the effort, and it definitely could help.

12 responses to “Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer become neighbors

  1. The Jaguars are going to give Tim Tebow a place in their front office (if he wants it). That is more realistic than Tim attempting to play, while still bringing quite a publicity boost.

  2. Assuming Tebow hasn’t lost a step, I think bringing him in is more than just a marketing thing, it’s a football thing. Why couldn’t Urban Meyer do the same things with Tebow that Sean Payton was doing with Taysom Hill? Hill was all over the field, and Tebow could easily do the same. Special teams, tight end, wildcat QB, throw and occasional pass, and others.

  3. The one thing that you already know is that Tebow will be in tremendous shape and ready to go. If and when he fails it wont be because he didnt work hard enough, it will simply be because time caught up with him. I dont know why anyone wouldnt want a guy like Tebow as a part of their organization, whether on or off the field. As a Mets fan it was good to have him in the organization for the 3 years that we had him.

  4. Tebow’s enemies in the league will be disappointed to learn he’s living in a $2.99 million house and doing just fine. I look forward to a bunch of articles about how his brand of positive kneeling has no place in whatever the NFL is at this point.

  5. “Tebow presumably will never be a Jaguars quarterback,”

    I don’t see why not,if we can pretend that Murray, Watson, Fields and Lamar Jackson are QB’s then certainly there is a QB spot for a winner like Tebow.

  6. So you’re saying that putting Tebow in the locker room as a spy for the head coach is going to unify the team? How in the world can a spy be effective if everyone knows he’s a spy?

  7. If Urban brings TT into the office, that’s ok

    If as TE, oh dear showing he’s a college coach,

    Which he did in the draft, as his Defence has many many holes and it’s no good scoring if you can’t stop them.

  8. As a previous poster said, if bringing Tebow into the fold as sort of a locker room spy is the plan, it will be a really bad plan. I would not even believe most coaches would do this…..but considering we are talking about Urban Meyer, it is plausible…I can also see Tebow being happy to be on board with this.

  9. He did well in Denver, taking a team that was all but out of post-season to the playoffs, beating the Steelers. But looking at his numbers, though he could still develop into a better quarterback, I thought he’d be an excellent backup while learning and developing. He’s got good size, so a tight-end makes sense, but he can also be another backup quarterback even if it’s third string. But I like what he brings to the Jaguars.

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