Aaron Rodgers uncertainty unsettles betting markets

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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With the Packers and Aaron Rodgers at odds, the oddsmakers are getting nervous.

The folks at PointsBet have removed from the board the 2021 over-under win totals for the Packers and the Broncos, the team most commonly linked to a Rodgers trade.

The Raiders, also reported on Rodgers’ wish list, remain on the PointsBet board with an over/under of seven.

As to the question of where Rodgers will play in 2021, PointsBet has yet to set odds, but the company priced the options at our request as follows: Packers +150; Broncos +225; Raiders +350; other +500.

Who knows when we’ll know what happens with this. We do know that, until the situation is resolved one way or the other, it will continue to be one of the biggest stories in sports.

20 responses to “Aaron Rodgers uncertainty unsettles betting markets

  1. You know how when such and such politician or business person goes on twitter and says something real or controversial and the stock market throws a fit? The NFL has just entered this world.

  2. He’s gone. There are no more reasons for him to stay. The Packers are a 5 or 6 win team without him and he knows it. He holds all the cards. Wherever he wants to go he will be there week 1. Won’t be in Green Bay.

  3. Here’s a scenario the oddsmakers (not to mention Viking fans) will like:

    Packers trade Rodgers to the Broncos for their entire 2022 draft.
    Packers win the Super Bowl with Jordan Love.
    Broncos finish with 8 wins.

    That would be hilarious.

  4. The Packers decided to move on from Aaron Rodgers when they drafted a QB in the first round last year. They’re trying to make Rodgers take the PR hit by being the one that wants out. They could sign him to a four year deal, and put any questions to rest. I don’t think there are any questions. They don’t want Rodgers to be their QB, but they’re being dishonest in their approach. Then, when they go 4-12, it was all Aaron’s fault. Yeah, right.

  5. If Rodgers is traded to the Raiders, it will be eye-opening to the people who thought the Packers didn’t give him enough help.

  6. He wants what Peyton and Tom have, rings with two different teams. It’s a ego thing. Just like needing to be the highest paid, even if by one dollar. All about the ego.

  7. I’ve said it before, Why don’t the Packers offer 20 million dollars in stock? They sell it to everyone else so why wouldn’t he take it?

  8. Looking forward to Vermeil, Brett Favre, and NFL fans ripping Rodgers the same way they ripped Watson and Russell Wilson. Let’s be consistent towards ALL QBs for once. Aaron got paid, Aaron got a good O-line. I guess some don’t believe in fairness

  9. Rodgers has millions of reasons to stay in Green Bay – $.
    And now he can make millions more by having surrogates bet that he’ll be there. Money for nothin’.

  10. Had they spent that draft pick they traded UP for on a wide receiver, tight end, lineman, etc., instead of a QB who may NEVER play, they might have have beat the Bucs on the championship game

  11. If it was up to me I’d ask Rogers how much he wants to be paid on a new contract.

    I would pay him what he wants. Then I would cut however many offensive players it took to meet the cap.

    There you go Aaron, take us to the super bowl.

  12. Drafting a QB might have been tolerable for Rodgers had Gutekunst waited until his assigned pick to draft a QB. When he traded another asset for one, he might as well put up a giant sign saying I’m tired of dealing with Rodgers and want him out ASAP. Rodgers gave them that chance and now the team is having second thoughts because it turned out Rodgers wasn’t as close to retirement as they thought. As a Packers fan, I can’t say enough about how bad this is. Rodgers is a major diva, but he’s still a future HoF QB who can still play at that level. Now it’s too late. It makes me wonder if Gutekunst is secretly a Bears fan. After all, they probably got the second best QB prospect in the draft because GMs lose their minds over potential without checking the film.

  13. Aaron likes to hear Aaron in the news, dude complains a lot. First it was his defense can’t carry him like other QBs who win, then it’s his offensive weapons aren’t good enough, rinse repeat. Packers have spent like 10 1st round picks on defensive players in as many years to make defense better, cause the narrative as they couldn’t stop anybody. He has arguably the best WR in the game, always had true #1 receiver. Has a top 5 RB, ascending TE. And no one will bring it up, cause he doesn’t win enough SBs, but the NFC North has mostly been trash for his whole career. As a Brady fan, all we heard for 20 years is how bad the AFC East was, yet the Lions, Vikings and. Ears have mostly been anemic. But it doesn’t matter cause Aaron can’t get passed the NFCCG. No one will ever deny his talent (running and throwing) or his IQ, but it stops there. He’s unlikable, coach likely hates him, teammates likely hate him, own family hates him. And believe me, he’s a generational talent/QB and I’d trade all 2021 draft for the Pats to land him, cause not many can do what he does but dude just whines. And I never buy into the ‘can you imagine how many ‘chips Aaron would’ve won with BB as his coach?’ One….that’s how many. Cause BB would’ve shipped his ass off to for two 1st rounders in about his third year for his antics and money demands.

  14. Raiders given seven wins by Vegas tells you all you need to know about Carr. That one playoff season is ancient history …

  15. beej says:
    May 3, 2021 at 5:07 pm
    Had they spent that draft pick they traded UP for on a wide receiver, tight end, lineman, etc., instead of a QB who may NEVER play, they might have have beat the Bucs on the championship game
    Had Rodgers tried to run for the TD instead of force a bad pass into the ground on 3rd down late in the game, they might have beat the Bucs in the championship game.

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