Bills exercise fifth-year options on Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bills General Manager Brandon Beane said last month that it was “not an ideal scenario” to have both of their 2018 first-round picks play out the 2022 season on their fifth-year options, but it would be even less ideal for the team to lose one of them next offseason.

That’s why Beane and the Bills announced on Monday that they have exercised their options for the 2022 season on the contracts of quarterback Josh Allen and linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Both players now have their 2022 salaries guaranteed with Allen’s option worth $23.106 million and Edmunds’ at $12.716 million.

Edmunds’ brother Terrell was also a first-round pick in 2018, but the Steelers are not exercising their option on his contract.

Reaching agreement on long-term contract extensions with the players could lower their total cap hits for next year. Beane has said the team isn’t in a rush to get Allen’s deal done and exercising the option provides more time for such an agreement to come together, although he’s also said this offseason that the sooner it is done the better for overall team building.

15 responses to “Bills exercise fifth-year options on Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds

  1. If Allen looks like last year, blank check
    If he pulls a Wentz, then blank stares

  2. Star will be returning and two huge DE’s are back. There should be zero excuses for Tremaine if he doesn’t perform well this year. I have no clue how he got a pro bowl nod for his body of work last year.

    I’ve rewatched the AFCCG 5x times at different speeds, Tremaine was completely lost the entire game and took every piece of bait Mahomes and Reid gave him.

    All game long Kelce was left wide open by 5-10 yards and he got 15 every time. I was losing my mind for the defensive scheme we called but then I rewatched every defensive snap staring only at Edmunds and where he was each play and what the scheme called for.

    He was in the middle of nowhere doing nothing, not getting his hands up in passing lanes because he was almost always on the opposite side of the field from the play. So far behind the play each and every time. He was the opposite of a ball-hawk and never had the instincts for where the play was going.

    You can make the case that our d-line was ineffective which makes an LB’s job that much harder but he is supposed to be the leader of our defense who calls the scheme and makes sure everyone knows where to be. Yet, he was constantly bamboozled the entire 4 quarters.

  3. Bills fans should be greatful that they drafted two high quality players. Some teams would love to have that deal.

  4. touchback6 says:
    May 3, 2021 at 2:04 pm
    No wait, I thought they drafted Rousseau to replace Edmunds!?!?
    Why would you draft an edge rusher to replace a MLB?

  5. The new curse of NFL teams is having to fork over money to QB’s whose rookie contracts are running out and who outplayed their contract.

  6. Both players are playing like seasoned veterans and they haven’t hit their 25th birthdays yet.

  7. Congratulations on winning the pathetic AFC east. By week 2 it should be locked up.

  8. Both players are still improving. They’re both hard working guys who want to be the best. These are two very critical pieces to the puzzle. The Bills’ organization has been running as strong as any since they parted ways with their former GM. Just about every move has been a good move, and they have a great coach.

  9. Edmunds is not a 12 million dollar linebacker. He is lost in coverage and overrated as a run stopper. Love the guy, but that’s a reasonable assessment.

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