Brad Holmes: We would’ve considered a QB if one was graded higher than Penei Sewell

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Though the Lions acquired Jared Goff and the Rams’ 2022 and 2023 first-round picks in exchange for Matthew Stafford, they still considered selecting a QB at No. 7 overall in last week’s draft.

General Manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell did attend many of the Pro Days for the top passers to evaluate them in person.

But with Justin Fields and Mac Jones still available at No. 7 overall, Detroit chose offensive tackle Penei Sewell — setting up the team with what could be one of the league’s best offensive lines. Quarterback was still on the table for the Lions, but their draft room’s reaction makes it clear how excited they were to add Sewell.

“If there was a quarterback that was just like graded way higher over Penei we would have had to strongly consider that,” Holmes said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “But it unfortunately for our sakes, it wasn’t — Penei was the highest-rated guy when we took him.”

Detroit will have to see Fields twice a year for the foreseeable future, as Chicago traded up to select him at No. 11 overall. But if Goff doesn’t work out in 2021, the Lions should be able to use those Rams’ picks as draft capital to find their quarterback of the future.

8 responses to “Brad Holmes: We would’ve considered a QB if one was graded higher than Penei Sewell

  1. I view Sewell as a rare, potentially transcendent talent. This kid has the tools to be a HoF’er. Good on Detroit for getting him.

  2. “But unfortunately for our sakes it wasn’t” is a clear and direct answer that Jared Goff is not the QB he wants. Outside of drafting a QB, you literally cannot offend your QB more by saying that.

  3. The fact they had the QBs appropriately valued and slotted and didn’t get QB fever when their pick came up is the best thing I’ve heard about my lions new front office. Seeing the value in the OT right in front of them as opposed to QB dreams is encouraging and hopefully bodes well. This combined with their public talk to resign all pro ragnow are good moves that aren’t flashy but should enable growth of any skill players that are keepers we acquire.

  4. He’s building the team the right way instead of dumping a hapless rookie QB into a mid-rebuild mess for them to fizzle out in a couple years. Looks like Holmes might actually turn the franchise back into a winner. We’re already missing him in LA.

  5. OT will cure the lack of WRs and Goff going into an offense where he won’t be nearly as productive

  6. Supposedly the Lions wanted to trade up to pick 5, and then pick 6, to draft Sewell. Him falling to them at 7 was a lot of the reason for them going crazy in the war room when they drafted him. And if Goff doesn’t work out, they’ve got the draft capital to move up next year.

    The biggest question about Justin Fields is whether he can handle getting sacked in the Bears backfield.

  7. As a armchair GM like everyone else, my take is this.

    You don’t pass on a very few random players- a slam dunk consensus franchise QB, a consensus slam dunk franchise tackle, and a generational talent talent at a few other positions.

    While if you put a gun to my head I would say that fields probably won’t be a bust, and will be a good overall qb with the potential to be better than good. I don’t see him as as can’t miss consensus guy. Usually you gotta be drafting 1-3 to get that type of qb prospect.

    Sewell however IMO IS a can’t miss consensus tackle that will at a minimum be very very good, and has potential to be an all pro. I know he hasn’t taken a snap- but If I had to bet everything I own right now against or for him being all all pro , I’m betting for that to happen

    The team is going to be bad this year with a few flashes of individual players looking good.

    The lions got an extra first in the Staffoed trade to eat goffs contract because they could afford it, and thet will likely be drafting in the top 10 next year and they have the firepower to move up and go after a top qb if they like one.

    The picks in this draft might not be sexy, but it appears they have a plan. Granted, everything is based on the players working out , but It is starting to appear that Holmes is building this thing right.

  8. Goff was a legit #1 overall pick. He led his team to a super bowl, and has been one of the winningest QB’s in the league since he entered. The only QB this year that is a better prospect is Trevor Lawrence. Goff had a falling out with his old coach, so they parted ways. The Patriots had a similar falling out the year before, and Brady moved on. Doesn’t mean the coach is always right.

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