Browns sign Malik McDowell


Defensive tackle Malik McDowell is getting another chance at playing in the NFL.

According to multiple reports, the Browns have signed McDowell.

McDowell was a second-round pick by the Seahawks in 2017, but never appeared in a game after getting injured in an ATV accident before training camp. He was arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct in separate incidents later in the year and spent the 2018 season on the non-football injury list.

McDowell was released in 2019 after being arrested following an altercation with police. He was later sentenced to 11 months behind bars after pleading guilty to charges from the incident.

The Dolphins brought McDowell in for a tryout during the 2020 season, but this is McDowell’s first time back on an NFL roster since being let go in Seattle.

8 responses to “Browns sign Malik McDowell

  1. Will he try and make the most of it? Or will he end up in the police blotter, low risk high reward signing. Browns can afford a flyer.

  2. That kid was a complete disappointment for Seahawks fans. Browns should abandon hope that he’ll actually play. He’ll find some way to mess it up for himself, no doubt.

  3. The Brownies will go so low in standards to sign anybody to try to win a Super Bowl

  4. I’m hoping that he has matured & able to take advantage of this second chance. So many don’t. Good luck and best wishes to one of the Seahawks’ bigger draft disappointments in recent years.

  5. Seems like a low risk high reward move. Everyone deserves another chance. Hopefully he’s got it together.

  6. 2nd chances are fine. Tight leash and make sure he knows it. Very low risk with some potential reward.
    One hint of issues…he’s gone.
    Kareem Hunt has pretty stayed on the straight and narrow…maybe Powell can, too.

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