Davante Adams’ social media posts hint at Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay

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Packers wide receiver Davante Adams appears to be growing concerned about the very real possibility that he has caught his last pass from Aaron Rodgers.

Adams obliquely addressed the situation surrounding Rodgers on social media today, making clear that he is well aware of the reports that Rodgers no longer wants to play in Green Bay.

“Gotta appreciate what u got while ya got it!” Adams wrote on Twitter.

On Instagram, Adams posted a picture of a goat standing on a cliff. As if to say Rodgers is the GOAT — Greatest Of All Time — and that his career in Green Bay is teetering on the edge.

While Packers CEO Mark Murphy, General Manager Brian Gutekunst and coach Matt LaFleur are adamant that they will not trade Rodgers and expect him to play for them in 2021, Adams is surely not the only teammate who’s worried that they’ll no longer be playing with the MVP quarterback in 2021.

20 responses to “Davante Adams’ social media posts hint at Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay

  1. that these posts hint at Rodgers leaving is an absurd reach, at best. If the FO made this decision they sure as hell aren’t keeping Adams in the loop.

  2. I could see Rodgers retiring if they won’t trade him… I just don’t think he’s going to take another snap for Green Bay.

  3. Adams is mistaken. There is a difference. Everyone knows who THE G-O-A-T is and it’s definitely not Rodgers. Even Eli (Manning) has more SB rings than him.

  4. Adams contract is up after next season, if Rodgers goes, good luck signing Adams to an extension. Adams is probably talking about himself also, no Rodgers = bye bye Adams.

    Thank goodness in last year’s epic WR Draft Smithers (Gutey) & Mr. Burns (Murphy) stocked up on wide-outs…..oh, wait.

    Gutey stinks, the one silver lining of him drafting Love is it will hopefully cost him his job sooner rather than later. Maybe at his next job he can sign all of his high draft pick busts, Josh Jackson, Oren Burks, J’Mon Moore, Jace Sternberger, Cole Madison, JK Scott, etc…..

  5. Reminder that Rodgers has the same number of rings as January Joe Flacco. But with much more drama.

  6. Even Eli (Manning) has more SB rings than him.
    I just don’t get that rationale. It’s lazy. I’m not even saying Rodgers is the goat, but sometimes great players play on not so great teams. It’s very hard imo to judge an individual on a team’s accomplishments. Barry Sanders was one of the best rb’s of all time, never sniffed a sb, same with Eric Dickerson who still holds the yardage record. Look at Megatron, Marino, Tony Gonzalez, etc. All greats, no rings.

  7. When you work for incompetent management it becomes harder and harder to keep showing up; the difference for Aaron is he has already made a lot of money so he can stop showing up. It will be up to the morons that run the Packers, the ones who drafted a QB and chose not to upgrade the defense and is primarily why they fell short last year and held onto to Mike far to long even though it was obvious he didn’t care about defense, do they get some draft picks and trade Aaron or do they get nothing as he retires. The only way it looks like Aaron stays with the Packers is a new contract that pays him $45 million a year for at least 3 years with a $80 to $90 million signing bonus.

  8. And AJ Hawk who is close friends with Aaron and was with Aaron at the Derby, said there is a 0% chance Aaron retires. AJ also said the story about Aaron wanting Gute fired is bunk.

  9. Incase anyone forgot…

    Rodgers has won one NFC Championship in 16 years. Brady has won one NFC Championship in 1 year.

  10. I’m trying to imagine a football landscape in the 80’s and 90’s with social media inserted into the mix. Who wouldn’t love to see some classic beefs on Twitter?!

  11. judging qbs by rings makes no sense. it’s a team game. I haven’t seen a single qb win a super bowl all by himself, let alone multiple. even the great Brady needed a top defense and an elite line to win all of his. he even threw for 500 yds and still lost one to Foles.

  12. Player, rodgers, thinks the situation is broken. Why? Because the team will not give a 38 year quarterback a long term deal. Doesn’t he still have two years left on the current deal. It’s broken because a player , rodgers, has no say in personnel matters. Would teammates negotiate their deal with rodgers? Would rodgers be the one to decide when to draft a replace running back? All kind of absurd. You play quarterback. You want to be GM, then retire and become one.

  13. While it’s nice of his teammates to say it, Rodgers is absolutely, clearly not the greatest of all time.

  14. Yeah brady gets a bit of say in personnel. Hey get this receiver. But, in Brady’s case, it’s almost like brady is paying for that player because brady is on a team friendly deal. It’s kind of part of the implicit tradeoff. Brady takes less salary, but may want a favorite player. Brady is not asking to be in the draft room putting together the board. Rodgers wants top salary. That means that the gm has to find bargains.

  15. Hmmm, Davante is UFA next year. Pack could be looking at 2-15 in 2022. Skol!

  16. To quote AR – R E L A X getting tired of this. Fodder for the talk guys. AR was angry that Kumerow was let go and he only got a Covid exemption spot and 3 starts with Buffalo – that means that he was a great receiver. Ok – blow this up into a major story – blow Adams tweet into a major story – what’s next – Let’s talk to Danic? Let’s talk to Olivia – on and on .

  17. Rodgers has won one NFC Championship in 16 years. Brady has won one NFC Championship in 1 year.
    And LeGarrette Blount has twice as many SB rings as Walter Payton.

    Brady stepped into one of the best teams in the league. Number 1 defense, more wide receivers than you could shake a stick at, TE’s up the wazoo and an owner that went all in during FA. Are you honestly going to tell me Rodgers wouldn’t have won the SB on that team?

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