Dave Gettleman on Aaron Rodgers: You explore everything

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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On Thursday night, Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman was asked about the day’s flurry of reports concerning Aaron Rodgers‘ desire to be traded and said it was “none of my business.”

Gettleman added that it would take a ton of picks to land Rodgers “even though he’s 37 years old” and that “we’ve told you guys over and over” that the team believes in Daniel Jones as the team’s quarterback. Gettleman gave a somewhat different answer to a similar question on Monday.

During an appearance on WFAN, Gettleman was asked if the Giants would be involved if a player like Rodgers or Russell Wilson were available in a trade. Gettleman said he didn’t want to go into hypotheticals, but didn’t slam any doors.

“You explore everything. We believe in Daniel,” Gettleman said, via Art Stapleton of NorthJersey.com.

Wilson appears to have smoothed over his issues with the Seahawks for the time being, so there may not be much for the Giants to explore there. The Packers insist they aren’t trading Rodgers, but it feels like that situation may be more fluid than the one in Seattle and the Giants, who added 2022 first- and third-round picks in trades during the draft, sound like they’ll be watching to see if that changes.