DK Metcalf entered in 100-meter dash at USATF Golden Games meet


Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf chased down Budda Baker in one of the more memorable plays last season. He apparently thinks that makes him fast enough to compete against the fastest men in the world.

Metcalf is entered in the 100-meter dash at Sunday’s USATF Golden Games and Distance Open at Mt. SAC, according to USA Track and Field. NBC Sports will televise the meet beginning at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Metcalf’s representation has not responded to messages from NBC Sports about whether Metcalf hopes to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials in June. He likely would have to break 10.2 seconds with a legal tailwind of no more than 2 meters per second to qualify.

A 10.05 automatically qualifies, with the field of 32 filled out by the next fastest.

Metcalf did not compete in track in college at Ole Miss, so it’s questionable whether he has that kind of speed.

Professional sprinter Jeff Demps, who has played two career NFL games, is expected to compete at the Olympic Trials in the 100.

7 responses to “DK Metcalf entered in 100-meter dash at USATF Golden Games meet

  1. Good luck. Hoping he runs a personal best and shows he is a world class sprinter. They are going to have Russ throwing a deep pass for him to get to in Redford time. It will all go good as long as Russ keeps the ball on line, so DK doesn’t get a disqualification for going into adjacent lane.

  2. Considering the top prize is $3000, he’s not in it for the money. Likely, it’s just something he’s doing for fun, like Tony Romo’s golf career. And like Romo’s golf career, the organizers can use it as promotional material. It’s basically win-win.

  3. Admirable…

    But he is going to get roasted.

    People.dont realize how hard track and field is. This isn’t high school. Everyone is blazing fast… its all about getting out of the blocks properly with the correct strides…and it takes years to perfect. NOT DAYS

  4. Metcalf’s toughest challenge won’t be his running speed, it will be his get-out-of-the-blocks speed. If he’s learned how to do that then he might just hang with the crowd.

  5. He’s NOT just a football guy going up against track guys.
    DK Metcalf is a former track athlete in High School.
    His Oxford High 4×100 relay team still holds the State Record.
    I feel confident he was not the leadoff runner, his kind of running style would be best suited for legs 2,3 or 4 with a running start.
    Previous posters have mentioned that, in a 100m race, getting out of the blocks well with a great start is likely to be the key for him…the other competitors have been refining their start technique for years.

  6. DK Metcalf ( Could he possibly be related to the former Olympic sprinter Ralph Metcalf, born in Atlanta?) would be fantastic in a 4×100 relay (His Oxford high school 4×100 relay team still holds the Mississippi State record…and at USC O.J. was on a 4×100 relay that held the world record for years…) or something where he could have a moving start, coming out of the blocks effectively is a real art, not easily learned…

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